Array of Public Opinion Blossoms in the Crack of Weekly Broadcast

Okay, can I spoil on Madoka Magica episode 3 now?

It is the sort of little joys in my life, to be able to tune in to a fanbase that expressed their surprise, dismay, anger, joy, admiration and how eyes lit up when the collective of us pondered the meaning behind Kyubey’s unphased face, that never-changing :3 expression. The undigested SPOILER of a certain SPOILER drops onto those pin-top tables, feeling as if we’ve attended the wrong tea party. No queen spoke of “off with her head” but we did get a really large dose of Faust, and when you get that along with the word “contract” it shouldn’t take a lawyer to have some alarm go off.

The most pretty expressions this week are the fan artists and the graphical remixers. As TheBigN mentioned previously, Pixiv is one of the earliest spot. I guess there might be some kind of speedsubber mentality at work there, but it’s not just them. I think 2ch, 4chan and all the usual spots have a lot of fun takes of episode 3’s surprise twist.

But how can you enjoy these potentially short-lived outbursts if you don’t follow this show on a weekly basis? I suppose to an extent you could enjoy it by an exercise of empathy, but I doubt it can capture even 80%, let alone 100% of the festive feeling I’ve seen expressed. Especially if in the next episode, we get a big turn-around that may nullify this little shocker.

Well, we’ll know in a couple hours!

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  • Myssa

    Seeing episode 4 though, I have to say while the title was accurate, it’s for an entirely different reason and for an entirely different person. And even then, it’s alluded that, in the end, it was a BAD idea.

  • Mystlord

    I’m fairly certain that unless something absolutely dramatic happens, Mami + Charlotte will still be leading the Madoka fanart charge for some time to come.

  • omo

    I think the probability of you being correct is high, but I think I’d rather be wrong in this case. We probably would be better off pleasantly surprised.

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