Anime Expo 2011: Day 0 And Day 1

In some sense AX 2010 was as good as it will ever get. I went to the con this year with that in mind.

Rather than to give you the flurry of licenses (Enma-kun? That is sooooo not going to sell. What hook does it have? Rope-boobs?) and tweet-like frazzled notes, I’m just going to let the proper news sites and twitter do those and let you think about how a life revolving around anime is going to look like in 2011.

This year I have the fortune to hang out more with the core Momoist team that does the all-out wota. Maon Kurosaki really has the stuff, and Nirgilis can bring down the house. The sex on the beach thing is great. Cheetos from Walmart?

Met up with most of the guys I wanted to see this weekend. Got my Miyukichi and Kalafina things signed. Miyukichi is pretty awesome when it comes to it. Saw all the major guests (including Suzuki)! Covered an industry panel. Met up with a dtoid editor and helped him out how I could. Got to my junket interviewing done (with or without me). Got my folding Miku program. The list of things accomplished just keeps going on.

So I’m pretty happy. There’s still a lot to do, like, more food trucks!

Alex L’s dinner thing went off without much of a hitch. Kind of surprised at who came, but I got to see most people. A few others left… Some old¬†acquaintances¬†and internet friends finally meet. And like many of you con vets know, that’s a big part of what makes a con worthwhile.

I feel like, it’s Nana Mizuki’s thing about bringing it on? So much happened on day one that I can’t imagine it going down hill much. There are some challenges to overcome but the net is likely a positive value. And the challenges keeps me from just going home, as satisfied as I can be!

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