NYAF Eats, 2011 Edition

I wrote some up from last year (now lost in the ether). To keep it short and sweet, bullets! NEW for new on this list.

  • Schnipper’s is still gold standard IMO. Skip the line at Shake Shack, if you wish. Their non-burger offering is not the greatest but there are some gems. I particularly am partial to their chicken tender platter. 8th ave and 40th st.
  • Shake Shack has their octoberfest menu up this week. Take advantage of it if you have had their signature burgers before. Take the signature burger stuff if you haven’t. And I’m sure those beers would go well with anything. 8th ave and 44 st.
  • Famous Halal Guys are still great for late night eats. They now offer a wide variety of things. Including t-shirts if I’m not mistaken. 6th ave and 53rd.
  • Kwik Meals is way better than Famous Halal Guys, at least if you want some lamb. 6th ave and 45th. They are all out during weekday lunch hours. NEW to this list, but not really new.
  • Go Go Curry is still SDS’s favorite hunt. Get your weeaboos on; I think they’re having a cosplay contest at NYCC. 38th st between 7th and 8th (towards 8th side). Probably still hands-down best curry place in NYC, for mass market.
  • Five Guys – It’s still there. 34th street and between 8th and 9th ave. Not too far from a Chipotle and a Quiznos.
  • Bon Chon is delicious Korean fried chicken, with more beer offering now hopefully. 38th st. between 7th and 8th (towards 7th side, near Midtown Comics).
  • Peter’s Since 1969 – Soul food off 9th and 42.
  • NEW! Tabata Ramen – cheap, sub $10 range fare. Not as good as the other famous places but not a bad choice if you’re sticking to walking only. 9th ave between 40 and 41st. They also sell some stir-fry stuff, so-so fare.
  • Still superior! Totto Ramen – not as cheap but more delicious. 9th Ave and 51st. Both Tabata and Totto use a chicken-based broth. Totto ramen also gives you way fewer seats and much longer wait time. At least, until Ippudo’s eventual Midtown location opens.
  • Italian pies? Lazzara’s is still solid (38th between 7th and 8th, near Bon Chon above), but Penn Pizza Suprema is a better slice. Right across the intersection from NY Penn Station, on 8th just south of 30th st. I recommend the Grandma. Penn Pizza is not NEW but it is delicious.
  • If you want a nice friday lunch with a bit of a gormet mediterranian flair, try Lezzette. I also dig the Indian place just next door: Tawa Tandoor. I used to eat at both places regularly. 34th between 8th and 9th (near 9th, across the street from B&H). [As an aside, you can’t eat the stuff B&H sells, but gosh, that is one nerd HQ and puts stores like Best Buy to shame. They just observe Jewish operation hours.]
  • For that matter, the Skylight Diner across that intersection (9th and 34th on the west side of the avenue) is a solid choice, not NEW but new to this list. Don’t go to the Tick Tock, although that is a fine option as well. If you line up in the morning, it’s a good breakfast option and great for large groups. By large I mean 6+.
  • NEW! You like food trucks? You like, ZOMG, Kelvin Slush (YOU DO TRUST ME)? Want to try Korilla (as seen on the reality food truck TV show)? All throughout the week and on weekend, check out the line up at the High Line Lot. 30th street and 10th ave. No guarantees that any of them will be there that weekend, and I think you have to buy tickets instead of buying food with money directly? Or at least last time I checked. I haven’t been to the High Line Lot personally but I’ve visited some of the vendors that sell there elsewhere, and mmm good! It’s just a lot where some vendors park, so you can try your luck, or just check beforehand.

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