Year in Review: The Test of Time Is the Best Test

How many 2011 anime do you still remember 6 months later? I probably won’t be remembering Mashiro Iro Symphony at all, until the next time we have a show that seems remarkably similar to, say, Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi? It happens like every half a year. There’s a rhythm in which prior shows gets pitched against newer shows, serving to a similar audience but with its own creative twist. I mean I still don’t get why people think Mashiro Iro is better, to me it’s marginally better as an iterative production but nothing drastic.

[Must fight urge to make fun of Mashiro Ero Symphony]

But at the same time, there are shows that disrupt that rhythm. Madoka anyone? I think that show will stand against the test of time. Much better than, say, Shana Final, at least. Ugh. Would this franchise just kill itself already?

The way our collective memory works is tricky. After all somebody out there still likes Shana. I assume this is why they keep on making that. But can I say the same thing about, say, OreTsuba? That show definitely disrupted something fierce but I don’t think people liked it. It isn’t a product that hinged on creatively disrupting known qualities like genre conventions or expectations. OreTsuba is serious business. In fact it is probably my most favorite non-linear narrative in the TV anime format this year.

In light of that, to take a slightly different approach, maybe the test of time is like, whichever show that you can think about fondly after 6 months later. The collective memory is not forgetful enough to totally forget about things, let alone things the collective memory doesn’t want to remember. I mean there was this anime about a Moon Princess that I sorta liked. And speaking of Moon Princesses, there’s one on air now that has a tie-in to yet another anime that the collective memory doesn’t quite want to remember either, let alone the one not-on-the-air. But I suppose remembering one by seeing it now is how this game works.

Unfortunately for me I think about a lot of shows fondly; partly why I have seen them in the first place, you know?

But I do know I don’t think of Nichijou fondly; it’s more interesting as a meme factory. I think that is probably how a lot of people approach the anime version of Dantalian and Gosick–not as petri dishes for jokes but as character factory. I mean I think those two anime are pretty blatant example of loli pandering. I guess some people just get off on it. It’s the sort of anime that when you think back, they are pretty unremarkable besides their protagonists, and not for what they did but more for who they are even before you get through the first episode.

Which is kind of funny thing to consider for a year with Ro-kyu-Bu anime. By the way, that anime is totally just a normal sports drama. I like to watch one once in a while, and 69Bu scratched that itch–nothing more. And it’s already a lot–development-driven anime with a fairly tight focus on what actually happens. I suppose you can use it as a joke too. Well, okay, there’s some major seiyuu pandering going on there too. I totally bought their vocal album on that ground alone. It’s horrible.

Oh, right, Nichijou–I actually think it’s a pretty good anime. It just doesn’t pander to otaku at all, and while it can be funny it is kind of lame. By the way all 2011 anime that had sharks in it were great. I LOL’d. It is Shark Week all year long here. It helps when My Meat Chunk Can’t Be This Cute. Oh,  yeah, those OreImo True End episodes are 2011 too, right?

Aside: I could have swore that Lotte no Omocha reminds me of Nene. I think the reason is obvious but I don’t know if there are enough people watching and looking forward to Astarotte’s Toy in this fashion. I don’t think it is a good thing when the Gundam 00 movie reminded me of Indiana Jones #4. I guess it’s kind of a 2010 sort of thing too.

Lastly: Is this why when Guilty Crown relates to Code Geass, people react accordingly? Are we just puppets of our last season’s impression for this season’s new offering? Is Shu a tool? (Yes.) Are there any sharks? (No.)

Sharks would have drastically improved the show and Gai’s chances at winning.

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