Sorakake Girl Is the Harbinger of Destruction

In consequtive events that would do Tsutsuji Baba proud, Beez seems to be closing its doors in Europe, as Bandai Entertainment exits physical distribution in America. I say “seems” because it is unconfirmed sorta kinda. Both entities will be releasing Sorakake Girl to its completion.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, just what is it???

Joking aside, you wonder if the two moves are related to Bandai’s ultimate goals.

I probably shouldn’t have, but I skimmed the ANN forum threads (since Chris B’s forum is still not fully recovered and the old Mania forum just doesn’t have the same…capitalist intensity that the it used to have since the split) and it was pretty much the usual face-palm as you’d expect. But it was pretty amusing. So here I made a bingo chart. Click for full version (I think).

Call list:

  1. releasing singles killed bandai
  2. k-on killed bandai
  3. hating on bandai visual
  4. hating on japanese businessmen
  5. suits keeping the common man down
  6. whining about aniplex pricing
  7. whining about lack of dubs
  8. hating on bandai quitting
  9. cheering on bandai quitting
  10. sadface for fewer dub jobs
  11. sadface for turn-a gundam
  12. sadface for k-on
  13. sadface for code geass manga
  14. pointless semantics argument
  15. pointless discussion about economics
  16. whining about japanese paying more for video
  17. thinking japanese people are suckers for paying more
  18. propose to boycott someone
  19. ironic statement about boycotting
  20. sub versus dub argument
  21. whining about BD audio problems
  22. whining about moe
  23. whining about otaku living in parents’ basements
  24. fearmonger for cartoon network shows

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