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Life’s pretty chill when you have time to rest when you are weary and things to do when you are not. Kick back and relax to something like:

Help yourselves.


Author explains his thing about Haganai. I am sympathetic because I didn’t agree with the general discourse on the topic from the blogs I’ve read either. Like, the whole thing comparing the anime to the manga. I thought the anime was slightly more authentic in that the girls are genuinely unlikeable, versus some kind of semi-tsundere moe that gets you in the manga. I understand the whole “clumsy but┬álikable” distinction but I didn’t think that was the point of the original works? But I didn’t really care about Haganai beyond the visuals and voice acting, so I didn’t really want to state an opinion. Well, I guess on occasion it was genuinely funny, and that was why I watched it in the first place.

The thing I wanted to see the most is that proposed crossover between Seitokai no Ichizon and Haganai. I hope they make an anime based on that.

Also, I kind of like the OP, even if it happened right in the middle of that Aki Toyosaki stalker drama. Props to Tom H@ck. I also have a history of liking these painful anime OP, so take it with some salt.


Con season 2012 is still a ways away, but now that Halko Momoi is landing somewhere a bus ride away, I will try to oblige. See you there?


I understand why, in theory, a Ritsuko or Kotori figure would be desirable, but I think this is a good real-life example.


MOOOOOOOOOOO MOURETSU! The PV and the live dance OP are, well, common idol schticks, but I can’t imagine iM@S to come up with something like this, even if songs like Honey Heartbeat rivals it in awfulness. These two videos have a strange addictive qualities to them. I recommend checking them out just for how weird they are.

The fusion of idol and anison is power!

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  • Fencedude

    Since Author doesn’t have comments, some thoughts on Sena vs. Yozora.

    Sena is desperate for validation, specifically validation of a member of her peer group, in this case being 16 year old girls. She has essentially no contact with them, since they all think she’s a stuck up ojou-sama (which she isn’t, really), so she hangs out with the only people who will willingly be around her, boys who want to fuck her. Yozora is the first chance she’s had in who knows how long to actually have a female friend her age, and she wants that friendship and even more so, she wants Yozora to validate her existence. This is why she continually comes crawling back to the abuse Yozora hands out.

    As for Yozora, she is not a “nice person”, in fact she is gratuitously nasty to Sena, and somewhat less gratuitously to everyone else. But, that doesn’t mean she’s not a good character, or interesting to watch, or even someone you could actually come to like. She does those things to push people away from her so she won’t be hurt like she was with Taka. Until this point, this strategy worked. But now she’s among a group who for their own various reasons won’t be pushed away, and she’s being forced to actually deal with people, and confront what about herself has made her act the way she does.

    Sena and Yozora are both “damaged”, but together (and with the other members of the Neighbors club) they are starting to heal their self-inflicted wounds.

    Yes, I have thought about this way too much.

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