Random Thoughts: Cold-Call Stalker

I wasted a perfectly good Saturday wormed in front a couple Nico streams for ACE. It’s something I probably have never really done before, although I may have had in different variations over the years. I think one of the strongest thing NND has over Youtube is precisely this sort of live content programming, the sort of stuff that resembles more like sports programming than, say, some pre-produced thing someone uploaded to some video service. NND’s coverage of ACE is actually pretty good once you ignore the fact that half of the content happen in the wee hours of the day for EDT and some of the better stuff is either not streamed or geoblocked.

As much as I casually (or maybe beyond “casually,” I’m not objective enough to tell) follow these new-comer seiyuu scenes, these ACE streams mark the first time I’ve seen some of them live with any prolong period of time. I guess it’s kind of interesting seeing Kayano do her little Menma corner in that interesting getup. Interesting, because I don’t really have another word for it.

It was enjoyable to see Mizuhashi and Shintani pimp the new Hidamari Sketch TV show. Man, I remember Shintani when she was like, 18 years old. Time flies. Mizuhashi was interesting and pro. The Madoka stage was rather uneventful other than seeing your favorite seiyuu on stage. In my case it’s mostly just Nonaka. I really need to dig out more videos of her, she’s like tailor made for my weak points. And I guess that’s the thing: I just don’t spend the time to watch seiyuu videos and the like, so there’s a sense of wonder left when I subject myself to this sort of manufactured marketing drivel.

On the other hand, you kind of have to be all keyed in to that stuff to enjoy, say, the iM@S x YuruYuri x Milky Holmes variety show. I was pretty happy about NND broadcasting that one in their US portal. Also, you can tell iM@S team is just more together, having better chemistry and more experience. Not too surprising given that they’ve been around the longest and have done so much together, even including newcomer Asakura/Yukiho.


Remember that seiyuu phone call app? Originally it started out with a list of A and B rank seiyuu and you have to pay to get the full “calls.” Now it’s flush with a bunch of C rank (I’m not sure why I’m using these letter grades but I hope it gives you the idea) seiyuu that are free. It’s kind of cool because it’s one way to find out about some interesting voices, like Chiyo Ousaki. Definitely a budding eroge queen!

Is this creepy? At first yeah, even for me. But as I go through the various selections it’s actually kind of fun. Fun in the sense that it’s like you get to hear someone new and check out what they sound like, how they act out a scenario–something I think that is fundamental about being a seiyuu person. This along with that card game where you can pick up seiyuu by voice provide an interesting way for new voice actors to get themselves out there and for seiyuu fans to pick up “relevant entertainment” cheaply. Win-win for marketing and consumers IMO.

Then again, you get people like this. Which is kind of neat but, well, LOL. Anyway, you can read about the list of newbies at Seiyuu+plus’s site.


Anime Boston, PAX East, and Easter are all happening at the same time! As mentioned earlier I’ll be enjoying (hopefully) the first Momoi concert of my life and it is with slight trepidation that I look forward to how the Momoists handle it. On one hand I hope it’s a lot of fun when fans put so much effort and energy into it, but on the other hand I just want to see the crowd being the way they are–lackadaisical and KY–without getting too worked up by wotagei. As much as the calls are part of the whole thing, it feels kind of too stiff sometimes. But then again, con crowds are typically easy and it’s not like I go to the con for the crowd anyway!

And that brings us to the true topic: obviously, I go to Boston for some fresh and tasty oysters. I think if there’s a staple thing to have in Boston, that is it. All the other seafood-y things are a little bit overrated. I mean I can get a perfectly good lobster roll or a cup of chowder in Manhattan today, why even bother doing it when I’m just 4 hours up north?

I wonder if there’s any good oyster omelette place in Boston.

Itou Kanako, I’m looking forward to that show without any reservations. Thank God.


Back to ACE, and this time, 4/1. I’m as impacted as anyone else about April Fools. I’m fine with people complaining about it, but I think OreImo season 2 announcement on 4/1 is well-played. When the marketing is this self-aware, I have problems with people faulting that. It’s like they just don’t get it. Well, nobody’s perfect I guess.

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  • fencedude

    Momoi AND Itou Kanako?

    Goddamn. Just…goddamn.

  • mrvacbob

    I wonder how many Momoists will actually travel to AB? I think they’re mostly on the West Coast or Japan and AB certainly doesn’t feel like a West Coast event. Momoi’s concert probably won’t be well attended since I think the attendees there just like to sit in the hallways all day and night.

    Especially since Momoi seems to have an image as someone who has older fans, even though she’s younger than Horie Yui. Or maybe the exceptional case is the other way round.

  • DiGiKerot

    Oh, I hadn’t realised that the iM@S thing was streaming. Darn.

  • omo

    Probably just a handful. I’m in touch with at least one of them actually lol.

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be crazy or anything, more because of PAX. Hopefully it should make getting a good seat not as hard.

    You can probably find it to download if you know where to look. To me it was more the joy of watching it with other fans and being able to talk about it at the same time over twitter or nico comments. I guess I should’ve written it up before it went down…

  • dm00

    Dunno about Oyster Omelets, but you’ll be maybe a 15 minute walk from Island Creek Oyster Bar (never been, but the reviews are good). Jasper White’s (right across the street) does oysters, too.

  • omo

    All too well aware of Jasper’s, as you know.

    Legal seafood has some offering as well, and it’s slightly finer dining.

    The last time I was in Boston for work I did look up Island Creek, but it was too far from the hotel… I guess if it’s walkable I am not particularly opposed to it.

    Somehow I don’t think any place outside of Boston’s Chinatown would have such a thing, though.

  • dm00

    Legals is everywhere (even outside Boston) so I class it along with your lobster rolls.

    You may want to try out Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown, too. It’s kind-of far from the con, and is pretty small — also, cash only. But you’re probably New York-spoiled as far as tiny, crowded Chinese restaurants go.

    Here’s the Con-to-Island-Creek route: http://g.co/maps/eyvh3

    12 minute walk, even closer than I thought.

  • omo

    Coincidentally the online anime club SCCSAV is having a meeting at Taiwan Cafe on Saturday for lunch. Being a phantom member I am actually invited to the thing lol. That said the timing is tricky and I doubt I can spare the time in the first place unless I got a ride.

    You’re right about Legal. But fresh oysters are hard to screw up.

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