Anime Boston 2012: Day 2, 3

Besides making a hole in the wall, day 2 went without a hitch. I think this is possibly the lowest energy day 2 I’ve ever had. Probably has to do with skipping lunch for press duties, but I lived.

Day three was equally laid back and presented possibly the biggest schedule conflict at the con when Ito Kanako’s music game conflicted with Momoi’s autograph session. But as fate would have it, I don’t think things would’ve turned out in the same way if I optimized it the right way. I got a couple photos with Momoi between the two days, and that was very neat. She’s like the older sister-imouto type, if you get what I’m saying. Sometimes the wile comes out and it causes giggling. She’s a storyteller, but coming from her it just feels kind of off. Doesn’t quite match that Akiba idol idea. Just like how being an otaku is cause for dissonance in Japan.

Kanako Itou, in some ways, is the total opposite of Momoi. Itou is an easy-going and funny person with funny habits. I’m not sure how to pin-point her besides that she’s a mean singing machine in the way she emotes through music, and happens to be very easy to get along with. It’s kind of tough to do an article on her without getting a good handle, but sometimes that’s just how these acts roll I guess.

And in case you didn’t know, writing up Momoi is like, writing up Akihabara. Mission accomplished for her I guess.

Day three, despite being like, half as long as day two, has all the fun stories. Like how I janken’d someone out of an iM@S poster. I hope he scores some consolation prizes. This year’s AB is pretty chillax, as chilling and relax as Boston plus Momoists can be. It’s that west coast mentality, perhaps. Something to dilute my New York pace. Lowering my engagement a tad and avoiding a lot of conflicts make the con that much more easier to deal with. PAX may have helped. Easter may have helped. Every little thing counted.

And I’m home. Good times. Loot shot. Life resumes. Lots of words left to spill before I can put this one away, yet.

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