Administrivia, April 2012

Totally off topic and I almost never do these kinds of posts, but I should just put it out there so people can find this site when the time comes. By that, I mean, I am definitely moving off “Definitely” because I made a breakthrough in the migration process and so it will most likely cut over soon, with or without all the lost posts.

I understand the login/gravitar nonsense and I don’t like it either, even if it doesn’t really bother me. The main issue as I see it is combating spam. Anyway, it’s not like I get enough comments on my blog for that to be a serious issue. Or is a problem–they’ve been fairly good to me. For those really good at stalking, you know I have been setting up trying to move for a long time now, basically since like, Feb 2011. I’m trying to use the anibrog tourney as a motivation and get the move done before that happens, but there’s no guarantees that it will happen before whenever the May date it is that I’m suppose to compete against Spark Blog or A Product of Wasted Time. Well, I guess we will see how much I drag my feet in terms of deciding how to do it.

This means the best way to follow and keep track of this blog is by using the domain name “” as per usual. Because, like, man, modern technology, why don’t I use it kkthx domain name service.

For those who doesn’t know about the several hundred blog post I lost since, it is a tough lesson but one I am more than ever prepared to practice. And so should you, everyone of you should take backup and data storage/recovery seriously. I mean, it’s a part of you, your identity, your mark on the world, your life, at stake. Joke aside, I’ll probably set up something once everything’s situated, and let you guys know what I find.

For the TL;DR crowd I’ll prep some short message when the time gets closer to moving date. And also as a result you might not see many posts in the coming couple weeks…

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  • chikorita157

    Having to log into WordPress to make a problem is very annoying… at the same time, downtime is even more devastating. Throught the past year, I suffered long downtime because my host is incompetant (which is the same host The Cart Driver used before Scamp moved his site). It’s a good idea to create backups, or at least weekly ones to keep Murphy’s law at bay.

    I’m in the process of moving off that said host to an Unmanaged VPS since I have it all set up. Hard work since I have to manage the whole thing, but at least a better experience than the horrors of shared hosting some bloggers has suffered and a bit cheaper. Still, it’s not for everyone.

  • omo

    Yeah, I think just in the gap of a year there are many more options (some pretty okay for free) for light-weight blogger types like me, today, than there was even back in 2010.

    It’s definitely something I will figure out and report back on.

  • Shance

    And here I thought staying on is the best thing to do, aniblogging-wise. I do hope you’re ready to manage everything by hand, especially fending off the bad stuff like spam and malware. I recently got a malware flag from Google for no apparent reason and I had to manually clean the site of stuff. Finding hidden, malicious code is a pain in the butt to do, especially if it didn’t exist in the first place.

    Anyways, good luck, and I hope your next host will treat you well.

  • omo

    I’m not too worried about the malware stuff. But thanks.

  • Rednights

    It drives me insane I have to log onto WP to use this new bullshit commenting system. It’s not too bad, I moved off from GoDaddy which is even worse o_O

    Try to use Cloudflare / W3C Total Cache when you move over to self hosted ..

  • omo

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear in the post since multiple people have implied this, but I already have self-hosted blogs elsewhere (eg., a copy of this blog that I’m going to cut over to, since last year). It’s still just cheap shared hosting, but it should have much better quality than shit like GoDaddy or Dreamhost.

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