Animazement 2012: Day 3

Before I crash from being in an automobile all night, some statistics for the weekend:

  • Best round-trip time to-from Baltimore region: 2:42
  • # of tweets in timeline: 13157
  • # of sweaty T-shirts handled: 2; one used to be someone else’s
  • # of “Macaroni & Gratin” consumed: 0.5 (something like 1.5 servings)
  • # of types of beers had: 4
  • # of UO: 3
  • # of sketches: 1…..I guess
  • Hours spent on Wi-fi: about 3.5
  • Hours spent watching anime in the car: 1.5

Day three was uneventful despite being the longest “day 3” I’ve had for Animazement. We stuck around Raleigh until 4:30 or so. The highlight must’ve been Nagahama’s panel. I hope I can get a recording of it and write it up, because he talked about Simoun and I learned something new. Simoun! Amazing. It’s also amazing with lots of other tidbits, so yeah, hopefully I can write it up.

Furukawa told his Natto joke again. It gets ’em every time. It’s best you hear it from him, because I just can’t do battle attack sound SFX the way he does.

The charity Auction pt. 2. got on today as well. I think Itano’s Macross sketch fetched the highest price. Then it was Kotoko’s shirt. I think my group was the only people bidding on it, partly because we were the only people who had the head’s up on it? I am not sure. I asked about it on Saturday. Well, maybe for the wrap. Needless to say a lucky fan walked away with one of Kotoko’s shirts, and others with other autographed goods.

I never expected to see Densuke at the con, even more so when it was a sketch request. Really? I mean, he was credited as a key animator, but wow, that was way back in the days. Anyways, more on that hopefully later as well. And how that Masaru autograph came to being!

Theme in the car: Lots of iM@S (I’m sorry to those who had to be subjected to it) and something about a dollar getting you a huge piece of pie at the Waffle House.

2 Responses to “Animazement 2012: Day 3”

  • Basroil

    Starting with Day 3? What happened to Day 1 & 2, LOL?

    Dinner was fun but that was the looogest wait/meal time ever, not to mention the check size. O_O

    Con scheduling sucked. I got the fewest autographs ever. Good fortune though, I got to Ichiro Itano’s panel late and was resigned to the fact I would not get an autograph (no ticket). Then when this couple gets up and leaves from the seats across the aisle what do I spy there on the floor under their seats – a ticket!

    • omo

      The single-day posts are whatever, man. I’ll explain it in the wrap-up post.

      I agree about the scheduling, it kind of sucks. Good catch at the Itano panel. Later during the weekend they realized there just weren’t that many people for some of these guests, so you could get a ticket even if you came late.

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