Anime Expo 2012: Day 1

More LiSA, more everyone. Cosplay, learning to use my camera–two people I know got themselves NEX-5Ns so I guess that’s kind of the sweet spot.

Tatsuo Sato is great, it’s the kind of thing I wish I could go do the press circus for, but this year AX’s setup for that is less than optimal, let’s just say. Instead I ended up going to his fan panel and having breakfast, taking pictures of cosplay… Probably I only have myself to blame?

At any rate, Sato is a good sport and despite the panel’s overt intention to make you ask questions about Mouretsu Pirates, the usual complains still surfaces about Nadesico and what not. Nobody talked about Stellvia for some reason. I did what I could and Sato fessed up about how they modeled the scene in episode 25 after the recording studio Komatsu ¬†and Hanazawa did their session in. Yeah, why not right? But yes, episode 21 and onward, anime original stuff.

Otherwise I wasted most of the day buying loot and lining up for autograph. Tamiyasu Tomoe is great, I hope she gets some well-deserved fame for her Little Buster gig coming up this fall. FictionJunction’s show on Day 2 is gonna be awesome. Kind of sucked that I missed out on Animetal USA though.

AX this year has this 21-and-over lounge thing. It’s great because after the dealer’s room closes you have somewhere to go. It’s kinda bad because everyone goes there, turning it into this crowded place with loud music. At least the live music it provides (and some of the non-live stuff) is pretty okay. What isn’t pretty okay is the expensive drinks. $7 for domestic beers is highway robbery if the term can ever be used on anything. It’s a cool idea I suppose, just needs to be executed better.

No blogger dinner, but it’s like a tweet-up all over this time with protein overdose.

Moral of the story: spend over $200 at the NISA booth with your Anohana purchase and get a towel? Buy a LiSA CD to option for a photo session with the cute Japanese girl? I haven’t even seen Aimi and Izumi Kitta yet what is up with this? Bushiroad’s Dr. K is easily confused with Dr. O (I learned more about Cardfight Vangard the game more than I ever wanted to)? “Ufotable”? The world may never know.

Best cosplay (that I got a picture of) of the day:

PS. I saw a pretty good Nyaruko, but couldn’t get it.

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