Totally Random Seiyuu Agency Half-Questions

I have questions, do you have answers?

Question 1: Yuruyuri season 2 came to an end today. That marks also the end of the latest show where both Saki Fujita¬†and Aki Toyosaki¬†play in the same show. You don’t have to look far to see the last time these two were in the same production: Jewelpet. It’s the one long-running mainstream kids show featuring Aki as the lead, and definitely her biggest show yet. Fujita manages to make it in the show just this latest season. But where else has the two of them worked in the same production? Is Manabi Straight it?

Question 2: Despite the plethora of Sengoku-era anime adaptations, there is no end in sight to this trend. We have two shows this current season featuring exactly that. What’s notable is how some of these are flat-out genderbending variety, not so much Sengoku Basara, but Sengoku Collection. Here’s who: Mamiko Noto. I think she might be the one seiyuu who has been in more of these shows than any other, and I’m counting even dreck like Sengoku Otome. If we stick to the tight limits of 1) a late-night anime with 2) a Japanese woman doing the acting, would it be true or false? And if we don’t stick to either of these limits, who would have the most Warring States role?

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