Figure Liquidation 2012

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[Last update: Oct 11 2013 1800 EST, Sale is basically over~ Nobody got grabbags so uh.]

I’m selling some merch, mostly figures. Click for details!

The shopping season is upon us. I think this has more to do with the fact that I have sat on my lazy butt over the past year and not really made a concerted effort to turn my spare bedroom/guest bedroom into the proper otaku cave that I imagined it to be, but at any rate the rational thing to do is sell some figures rather than buy more fixtures to display them.

The main headache I have is not just the tedious process of finding the figure, photographing them (when requested), packing, and shipping them. The problem is I have all these trinkets that I also want to liquidate–trade figures and the like. I also have totally random anime/manga-related crap, like extra copies of DVD/CD/BD, preorder bonuses, stuff I got at cons, etc. Maybe I’ll make some $20 grab bags or something. Would people be interested in getting some bags of crap Woot-style? It doesn’t feel fair or productive to try to sell them individually over the post, as shipping would cost more than the items themselves.

My loss is probably your gain. I’m slowly going to process the items I want to sell, one figure a day (roughly), and put them on sale over at You can, of course, contact me (see the About page for contact info) if you want to snatch one off my hands more directly. I’m open to offers but whoever strikes the deal first will get it first, unless I see multiple offers at the same highest price at the same time, in which I’ll flip a coin or put it on eBay. The point is to liquidate, so I’m not gonna fuss much. Hopefully you’ll find some bargains in there. What I will list now, below, are what I plan to sell. I will slowly set the asking price and all that details over time, although you are free to ask questions or make offers now.

Shipping: Contact me for a shipping quote, if you would provide a zip code. Probably via priority mail for US and Canada, unless otherwise requested. International…probably best to contact me and we can figure it out. Local delivery/pickup is available (Midtown maybe), or if you think you’ll see me soon (like at Otakon’s Music Fest). Buyer pays shipping. Let’s be straightforward: most of my crap will be priced most reasonably for US buyers. Some items will be prohibitive after shipping if you live in Europe (for example), because you could get almost the same prices via Mandarake or the like (especially if your local currency is strong versus the yen). Makes sense, since I already absorbed the import overhead, right?

Payment via Paypal only, unless it’s an in-person pickup in which I will also accept cash.  Obviously, no exchanges or refunds unless something crazy happens, in which we’ll figure it out.

On sale: (Franchise – character/item name (maker/etc) – condition and description – asking price)

To do list:

  • Figure out how to do this grab bag thing–(most likely) I will throw up a post, promo it a bit, first come first served. there will probably only be a set of 3-4 available. It will have a fixed price for US buyers (probably $25 for the total) and international folks will pay whatever USPS charges in addition. I will list some items that I think has some value, and I will even open it for sniping if people want to pay like $40 or whatever for any items specifically (there might be some 1-of-a-kind things up for grabs). Not too sure how I’ll enable people to do that, maybe I won’t.
  • I probably have more figures for sale, just need to go through the rest of these packed boxes.
  • Kind of want to throw up a few things for charity. Probably for Sandy, since it of impacted me and my neighborhood. Which means it’ll go to the Red Cross most likely, or via globalgiving or something. Not too sure how to advertise in those cases…maybe eBay.

More to come… This post will be updated periodically. If you are interested in multiple figures, make me an offer! I’ll gladly lower prices if it means I can move more of them at once.

Update: Grab-bag-things are a go.  $20+shipping .

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