Descending to the Next Level: iM@S Songs


Invariably if I keep on playing these games I will have to identify songs that I like. That implies that:

  • I have been listening to them,
  • I have been reading up on which song is which, and
  • I have been thinking about them enough to form an opinion that can be written down.

Here is a list of songs that I can actually tolerate repeat “listening.” As in, I can play the game with these songs, at least. Not sure about looping m@ster versions or what not.

The World Is All One
Ai Like Hamburger
Little Match Girl
Kyun! Vampire Girl
Otome yo Taishi wo Idake!!
Meisou Mind
Watashi-tachi wa Zutto… Deshou?
Colorful Days

This is not even based on a full sample. There are lots of music from iM@S that I haven’t listened to, even if we just limit to the main group of 13 (or 16 or 19 or whatever) and not the Cinderella bunch. A lot of the older image songs, for example, I am definitely not familiar with or never have heard. It makes sense that this list skews their more popular hits, songs that get publicity via the two main iM@S games, and songs that get played at their recent live shows. As an aside, the Shiny Festa games help with exposing some of the older tracks.

I do have to admit I like a lot of these songs primarily for ironic reasons. I mean, how can anyone (in the USA at least) hate Ai Like Hamburger?

PS. This song is a mind worm, circa 2006. Funny thing is, it sounds old school enough to be treated like revisiting something from the last decade, which I am, but I mean it in the 1990s sort of way.

PPS. I don’t know why I don’t like a lot of the original iM@S ensembles, but I like many of the 2nd Vision ones. You’d think I’ve heard THE IDOLM@STER enough times.

PPPS. I’m just seeing which next Shiny Festa to buy. Pretty much done with Groovy Tune for the most part…the rest is just achieving and playing pokemon with SOF mode.

EDIT: PPPPS. I added the links to youtube for those songs you might want to listen to because you don’t know it. There’s just too many songs from iM@S to keep track for even mild fans I think. Also because the videos are amusing.Otomoe yo Taishi wo Idake PV from Shiny Festa is just a…firm Haruka walking down the hall and having her way with a recorder. Which is amusing both because it reminds me of this and because it’s just like the generic PV you see in Jitensha.

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  • Author

    No “relations” (in Chihaya)?

  • Author

    “i” is an acquired taste. The spectral phase-in in the canonic mix was a turn-off for me, and in general it’s one of those things that are for the mood. I do not mind it missing from anyone top-20 list.

    “relations” though is definitely one of the iM@S greats. I knew it was kind of a nicely strong tune, in the same vein as much later Next Life etc. I noticed the oddity right away when its Asami Imai rendition was more professional, polished, and sensual than the original, even though it’s Miki’s cover. However, I started appreciated it much, much more when I understood the lyrics. Took me a couple of years. But then of course, Miki would not stand aside for someone, would she? It’s wheels within wheels with that track.

    In general, I turned around on many of these now that I am sensitive to messaging. Like Agent, puuuleeze. I would rather take KiSS, at least that one is adult-like. Still love I*heart*Idol, however — mostly for nostalgic tint of the old Idolm@ster and its boundless enthusiasm.

    • omo

      I appreciate the read in relations, i did not know and it’s good to know! Next Life is a fun track but I only enjoy it in the context of Numakura’s live performance.

      I also understand what you mean in terms of the meaning. I see that. I think that’s partly why I enjoy some of these ironically. For the “not ironic” ones the meaning along doesn’t do it.

  • DiGiKerot

    I almost want to call not liking i blasphemous, but I’ll forgive you since you listed LOBM (bonus points if you know what it stands for without looking it up!).

    As for Shiny Festa, bear in mind that there’s a bit of overlap between the different versions (I think there’s six tracks, not including the Wolrd Is All One DLC track, common between each version). Can’t help but think that Groovy Tune probably has the best track list as well, even if it doesn’t have the highest concentration of my favourite characters.

    • omo

      I’m in the opinion it’s okay to not like almost everything in iM@S. Other than Ready I have not heard anything really that good.

      You’re right about Groovy Tune. But to me it’s like 3 is less than 4 sort of difference; eg., doesn’t really matter. I might get them all at this rate, since the games are kind of fun IMO.

  • DiGiKerot

    I, on the other hand, listen of iM@S music on pretty much a daily basis, and whilst I’m not a big fan of a lot of the character songs, I do like most the stuff (or at least most of the more upbeat stuff) that makes it’s way into the actual games.

  • DiGiKerot

    Hang on, is this thing still broken?

  • Author

    “L” is obviously Love, but what is “O”?

  • DiGiKerot

    Love Organized Boost Music.

  • DiGiKerot

    Sorry for the duff comment, just checking the breakyness of this…

  • DiGiKerot

    It seems to be working now (?) anyway.

    I have to admit, I have all three versions of Shiny Festa – twice, since I have them digitally and physically… ^^;

  • DiGiKerot

    Well, OK, it was working until I commented again, anyhoo…

  • Author

    Oh, and Evirus just reminded me – another track I love for messaging is “Koi” (come to think of it, it’s Yukiho’s equivalent of “relations”, do we have a pattern yet).

  • Author

    When I visit the blog, everything shows up fine, but when I comment, it refreshes full of error messages.

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