Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 7, New Gods

I don’t know what passes for new gods. From my Judeo-Christian upbringing I can only say that, “Man, Japan, there’s way too many.” That said, Tama and Kagami are both fine specimens. I’m sure companies like GSC or SEGA will come out with something worthy for a household shrine. Oh, spoilers ahoy.


In episode 7 of Sasami-san, the mini, 2-episode arc wraps up as Juju Tsukuyomi gets pushed back into the underworld after being distracted by Tama and disabled by Sasami. During the battle scene Tama was described as a new god, in the answer as to why she was “eating” everything by her strangely juvenile-looking attack, or why she can teleport. I’m not sure if all of that made sense in the show.

As usual the inter-character conflicts and motivations serve as a guide to the overarching thematic points. Sasami loves her mother, as a child naturally(?) does. The back-from-the-dead version of Sasami’s mother serves Sasami in a similar way as the before-being-the-dead version, as we see in the flashback. Juju was similarly simple minded and almost autistic about Sasami’s needs and the relationship she has with her, but she goes along with whatever Sasami has in mind. It’s probably appropriate that where the sword and wisdom fails, benevolence prevails. We’re going with a family sort of theme here right? With that stuffed rabbit right?

[Translator’s Note: Tama refers to the jewel of the Imperial Regalia of Japan, which symbolizes the virtue of benevolence. Tsurugi refers to the sword of the said Regalia, which symbolizes valor. Kagami refers to the mirror of the said Regalia, which symbolizes wisdom. “Kekaku” means “Plan.”]

By the way, Juju is written as 呪々which probably means something not so good. [Translator’s note: It probably means “curse.” And LOL who knows?] But I guess that also goes to show how Sasami stopped her has some kind of thematic significance with how she first showed it to Sasami and all that tear-inducing (not really) family drama. If it wasn’t already as obvious as day.

Sasami in kid mode reminds me of a certain mountain climber. Anyway.

I probably should also point out the TEAMWORK in which enabled Tama to defeat Juju–the one weapon Kagami sent to Sasami/Tama just in time. On the other hand, I probably should point out that I have nowhere to go with the “Let’s deliver this medicine directly applied to your bowels!” bit. I might have somewhere to go with all the crazy family incest stuff, but the time is not yet ripe. (Some has to be said about what a way to introduce some character, just think about it.)

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