Seiyuu Hats

Just to clarify, not the TF2 virtual currency kind of hats, but ones people rock because, well, it’s useful while stylish.

It must be my sleep-deprived brain, ravaged by Simcity, that I felt a need to write about hats. I guess in a sense the power of hats is how it covers your head, both to protect it from the elements but also to hide what’s beneath. Still, regardless why these people wear them, I find them kind of fascinating, especially when it’s a woman rocking one.

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these.

And I want to make this not about the hair ornaments that passes as hats like these (well, maybe not Kyari’s):


But more like, you can wear this outside, in public, and feel all right kind of hats like these:

Sayaka Ohara (left)





I don’t know, it kinda works.

Yes I am posting seiyuu pics on this blog now. No this is likely not the last time I’ll do this. But for the 3DPD crowd, rest assured this is an once-a-blue-moon event.

BONUS: You can’t really wear this outside, but this is the other type of hats you can wear outside, especially if you’re in a group.

Mikako Komatsu


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