Tamayura Season 2 Event

The long silence between posts is because I spent all my “free” time drinking at A Button. Until tonight anyway. Game Bar A Button is a pretty legit place to spend your nights if you didn’t have anything better to do than to hang out with a bunch of nerds drinking lemon sours and chuhai. I poked at its whisky selection for some Islay inspiration for mild success. Would hate to buy a bottle of some of them and end up hating it, after all.

Oh, right, I did go to the afternoon session of the Tamayura Season 2 event, nanode. Or whatever the hell they add to the full title of the thing. You can get all the details in moonrunes here, but I’ll just skip to the important part not mentioned via this animeanime translation.

@ Ghibli Museum

Fu-chan will start a photo club–this is partly why SatoJun decided on ~more aggressive~¬†This is a drastic direction change, possibly. How will it work out?

The Pentax Q is a line of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with its own mount. How will the new girl take advantage of this feature?

As someone who hauled around a 35mm e-mount NEX camera all day, I don’t know.


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