Animazement 2013 Day 0, 1

Poole Con 2013 was delicious as usual.

Megumi and Keiko Han are adorbs. Nakatani DAIOH. Spash is a splash as usual. Nagahama wanted Aku no Hana to be something that you know from knowing, not because it sits in a sorted bin of what you know. Not quite like a man who cosplays half robot and half Naruto? ┬áIt’s complicated.

Keiko and Megumi

Masako is grandma Masako more like. Yuko Minaguchi is gracious and has pretty okay English at least. I gave her a joke that she can’t quite play off of, oh well.

The rest of the old people brigade are pretty cool as usual. Nakao and Furukawa are stylish, good deal. Maruyama is frank and got his usual thing going.

And I can actually beat Go My Way on Taiko no Tatsujin 10, given this is like the first time I’m doing this thing. I had a lot of fun, free play etc.

Dear sleep awaits.

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