Anime Expo 2013: Day -1

Cure Kugyuu?

So far this AX is shaping out like many other AX that I attended, minus the guests I really care about. Well, okay, I still care about the PA Works folks. I kind of care about huke? I can’t say. As a Kick Heart Backer I do care about Yuasa’s new work. I want to see Shinkai’s feet anime on a nice master (not sure if this is possible at AX). Well, you know. Otherwise few things rise above my care for Foodtruck Con 2013.

But I do care about the whole press/industry angle. Soooo glad I’m doing this con with Hiroko. Really opens up my agenda for other stuff. Gotta prep interview juice.

So far the funniest pre-AX joke, other than the various “AX this year sucks for guests” types, is Little Wicth[sic] Academia. Ok, I probably shouldn’t laugh. What makes me laugh is how they are now not selling said pillow cases. Oh well.

I’m sure soon enough we’ll be cracking jokes about bag checks.

Packing a bunch of shikishi this time. For discs, I’ll lug around Shinkai’s feet anime and some portion of the True Tears BD box…I probably should just request Ayahi and Iguchi for now on, at all them forums. Maybe I’ll take a concert program to show off too.

All my worries stems from just not enough time trying to get it all done. Still have to do my schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Still have to fill in all my corresponding references for the team. Gotta charge my batteries. Gotta wake up at 4am on Day 0.

This AX feels just like every other AX. On the flip side it makes me more glad that I am hopefully not gunning this alone. The lack of wota guests become a blessing in disguise. A blessing that Otakon, fortunately, is too good to have a need for?

Oh, check this for deets guys. All the AX deets that I care about anyway. And lots that I don’t apparently.

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