The Shinier Festa: Now Requires Less Thespian Whine

In case you were living under a rock while rocking out with an iOS device (6 and after), the iDOLM@STER Shiny Festa games are now available in English, and at half the price. Yours Truly found about about this on Anime Expo 2013 day zero, which is about 4 days too late. It’s too late because I already purchased all three games, but also because I was in the company of peers who would make fun of this situation. The best I could do was picking up some discounted iTMS store cards from eBay (daily deals), but 20% off sure stacks much better with 50% off rather than 0%.

So, don’t make the same mistake. Buy it now (because we should still recognize games are worth less over time) to tell Bamco that we want more iM@S content. The three Shiny Festa games are not only experiments or thermometer for them, but they’re also fun to play. Especially on an iPad mini (or similar gear). At least that’s why I bought them.

Check out this measured, methodological trailer from NGBI. It’s in English. Besides that, this trailer is made with the same measured pacing and display of feature that you will find after watching all 18 iM@S 2 PS3 DLC trailers. So now, once more.

For review-like material, check out here, and there’s the 3-some I did with Josh and Elliot. It’s… a little dated, but I think you get the idea. It seems like Bamco JP is handling the Shiny Festa games, so I don’t think it got the usual press marketing among game sites. It’s too bad, because I want to see more pro reviews of this game and what normal gamers think of it.

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