Gamification of Anime Cons

Not exactly inspired by this, but sure.

I’m going to try to keep this focused, but not very deeply. There are a lot of different ways you can come up with relevant achievements, so if you think something is missing, go write your own! Also a lot of these are probably not exclusive for anime cons, even if I’m putting it out there strictly for anime cons only. Also, US bias.

Also, this is probably a poor way to gamify cons.

Makoto Kikuchi


  • My First Con – Attended your first anime con
  • My Little Conventioneer – Attended your first 3+-day anime con
  • Sprinter – Attended at least one con every year since your first for 5 years
  • Keep the Doctors Away – Attended at least one con every year since your first for 10 years
  • Wearing that Loyal Tee – Attended the same anime con every year for at least 20 years.
  • Coast to Coast – Attended a US east coast and US west coast con in the same year
  • Across the Great Plains – Attended a US east coast, US west coast, and US central con.
  • Founding Fathers – Attended AX, Otakon, Katsukon, AnimeFest and A-kon
  • One Score and some years ago – Attended A-Kon, Animagic, Dixie Trek, and Yamatocon.
  • Kamehameha Warrior – Attended Hawaii-con and Senshi-con
  • Well-attended – Attended 6+ anime cons in one calendar year
  • Frequent Flyer – Attended 12+ anime cons in one calendar year
  • A Fan’s View – Attended 24+ anime cons in one calendar year
  • Exposed – Attended Japan Expo (FR)
  • Nerdherder – Attended Comiket
  • The Fair Ace – Attended TAF and ACE
  • A King’s Soldier – Attended Animelo Summer Live
  • Global Conomy – Attended a con on three different continents
  • Around the World – Attended a con on five different continents
  • We Probably Know Your Name – Attended Daicon IV

Con Behavior:

  • It’s a Trap – Spotted grey market or bootleg goods in the dealer’s hall
  • Cross Cutter – Cut a line or otherwise broken line policy at an anime con
  • Memehead – Yelled out a meme
  • Fan Service Provider – Ran a panel at an anime con
  • The Professional – Ran a panel at three different cons in a calendar year.
  • Crowdsourced – Watched an anime screening at a con
  • To the Nerd Prom – Attended an anime con rave or dance event
  • Diggin’ – Gofered at a con
  • Dramacon – Staffed at a con
  • Welcome Home Master – Participated in the Maid Cafe
  • 毎度おおきに – Worked as an exhibit hall vendor
  • Etch ‘n $ketch – Attended a con as an Artist Alley booth
  • Rise and Shine – Got in a line at an anime con by 6am
  • Workday – Waited in line for over 8 hours
  • Black Friday Lite – Waited in line for over 4 hours
  • A Long Line – Waited in line for over 2 hours
  • The Masquerade – Attended an anime con in cosplay
  • Business Attire – Be a part of the Masquerade as a cosplayer or costumer
  • Ticket to Write – Attended an anime con as press
  • SEO CEO – Posted an anime con cosplay gallery on the web
  • 3 Days of Static – Sang at con karaoke
  • Nerd Stage Fright – Performed at an anime con concert
  • Best/Worst Crowd Ever – Attended an anime con concert
  • Two-dimensional Deflowering – Attended a premiere screening at an anime con
  • Beyond Cosplay – Participated in LARP at an anime con
  • Gamer – Participated in the game room at an anime con
  • Maybe a Scrub – Participated in a game tournament at an anime con
  • Barnacle – Spent more than 8 hours in the game room at an anime con
  • The Slowest Con-go Line – Spent more than 2 hours in a registration/pre-registration line
  • Meet & Greet – Attended a guest meet & greet or autograph session at an anime con
  • Imported Labor – Gotten a sketch from a foreign guest at an anime con
  • Acclaimed Meme Visuals – Submitted an AMV at an anime con contest and was accepted
  • Another Meaningless Victory – Won an AMV contest
  • Automatic Mass Viewing – Attended an AMV contest screening
  • Why Watch Stuff at Home? – Attended a DVD/Blu-ray screening of something readily available in the domestic market, at an anime con
  • Contact Sport – Glomped, hugged, high-fived or other physically contacted someone in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise unless you are at a convention, at an anime con
  • Unlimited Sign Works – Held up a sign at an anime con (could be any sign).

You know, I think bingo might be more fun than this.

PS. Happy Birthday, Makoto-san!

4 Responses to “Gamification of Anime Cons”

  • Manga Therapy

    How about this one? “Tokyo Vice” – Covered an anime convention as Press, with reference to Jake Adelstein’s memoir.

  • TheBigN

    Lessee, I have My First Con, My Little Conventioneer, Sprinter, It’s A Trap, Cross Cutter, Crowdsourced, 毎度おおきに, Black Friday Lite, SEO CEO, 3 Days of Static, Best/Worst Crowd Ever, Two-Dimensional Deflowering, Gamer, The Slowest Con-go Line, Meet & Greet, Automatic Mass Viewing, Contact Sport.

    I like this concept. Keep it like this and don’t add points to them. :P

  • aritzia discounts

    Flott hjá ykkur félagar. Vonandi kemst ég með næst. Það er aaaaltof langt síðan ég bleitti í mér síðast. Nú er bara að virkja nýja köfunarfélagan í BFÍ.Kv. Guðni

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