Autumn 2013 Clippings And Thoughts

Haruka & Fenway Park

Yep, just random nonsense.

Kurogane on IS S2E1

Oh god, Germany is invading France again. [Gotta see the image to make this caption work]


Please let the entire episode next week be 24 minutes of Chiwa Saitou giggling.

j1m0nes on … panties?

This has GENERIC written all over its lovely little red checkered panties.

Sometimes reading blogs on these things I wish I had some kind of contraption that lets me slap someone on the head with a harisen. I mean, anyone who calls Yuushibu “low budget” LOLOLOL. It’s basically got the best animated boobies on this side of Gainax, at least at episode 1. I mean, take it from a pro:

[T]he series does seem to have quite a big budget, but here is the thing: you do not simply assign all of your inbetweeners to your boob shots.

I mean, alternatively, YOU COULD animate on the 2s for all your money shots. I don’t mind. Because no amount of budget can fix poor source material! You might as well spend it on something that is worth the while. Just to drive my point home, Chris B. rated episode 1 an A- and Kill La Kill a B. Although that is probably a pretty biased thing to quote and shows that first impression posts with a letter grade means about as much as nothing.

Kill La Kill: Has it gone Redline? You decide. It’s certainly not yet free-to-watch however (makes me think that this is just a ploy ala Little Witch Academia). It’s basically the one show most people enjoyed watching, even if it’s not necessarily their bag. I think everyone needs to realize this–it’s just not a show for everyone. Same as Redline! And it ain’t gonna save any industry.

Aint it cool?

Other first-episodes:

Log Horizon: Yawn, but not bad.

Kyoukai no Kanata: Yawn, but sakuga.

Coppelion: I’m waiting for the fanservice part of the thing to start, lol.

Nagiasa: TT. To its credit, it’s the most uncomfortable anime I’ve seen this season.

Miss Monochrome: She works at a Lawson, folks.

Golden Time: Budget harisen aside, did anyone pull the “hey the’re not high school kids” card yet in their blogs, because LOL.

So far this season feels overall more fun than last season, although last season was a pretty solid block without too many outstanding shows. Maybe we’ll get more than one or three this Autumn?

7 Responses to “Autumn 2013 Clippings And Thoughts”

  • DarkFireBlade25

    What exactly does TT mean? Also, I noticed that they practically set up every subplot in the first episode alone in NagiAsa. I think that’s rather impressive in it’s own right.

  • rikuo06

    True Tears, I guess? Despite all the buzz generated by Mari Okada, I’ve still only watched three series in full scripted by her: Toradora, AnoHana, and BRS. Is her writing really that hype/hate-worthy?

    • omo

      Okada’s writing is just somewhat above average IMO, but there are some things she does well. AnoHana is one example.

      I don’t think it’s particularly hate or hype worthy, but it is important to note that she worked on basically all the big PA Works shows, like Hanasaku Iroha, Tari Tari, and True Tears.

    • rikuo06

      I read up some forum discussions on Okada, so I more or less get the gist of it now. Prolific and had enough good stuff to notice the bad stuff. People also love/hate her melodrama? I liked it well enough in Toradora and AnoHana, and noticed its awkwardness in BRS, but honestly, who would watch that for anything other than the amazing CG action scenes? Out of the three PA Works shows you mentioned above, which would you recommend first? Though apparently Okada didn’t actually work on Tari Tari?

    • omo

      Ah, that’s true, she didn’t work on Tari Tari.

      Definitely watch True Tears first though.

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