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Reproduced and transformed entirely without permission:

The kawaiikochans


Strip 1:

Koma 1:

Masaka: Kyou it’s “Kill la Kill!!” Genre is “I’ll Use All My Power!! AAAAHH”

Masaka: It’s really interesting, so let’s do our best with kawaii power!!

(Background: AAAHHH) – @kawaiikochans

T/L Note: “kakko ii” – cool, “kyou” – today

Koma 2:

Masaka: Kyaa~ What’s this?!

Caption text 1 [Indicate…side comment from Masaka?]: Episode 7 “Such a Dope…Which I love”

Masaka: A dishwater is also Famicom?!

Caption text 2: Was it really made?!

T/L Note: “machigai” – mistake

Koma 3:

Majide: There’s no machigai here.

Caption text 1: Episode 4 “The Sun Came Up, It Was Bad”

Majide: It’s certainly GB’s Dot Matrix display.

Majide: Therefore…

T/L Note: “sekai” – world

Koma 4:

Caption [indicate both speaking, graphics indicates Masaka speaking and Majide nodding]: In Kill La Kill sekai… gamesoft must exist.

Strip 2:

Koma 1:

Masaka: A harsh sekai with such battle, you’d think…

Masaka: “There’s no time for gamesoft! We have to battle more, ka na~” like that.

Masaka: Maybe minna needs gamesoft. [heart symbol next to speech bubble…probably should go in the text]

Masaka: But it’s not!

T/L Note: “minna” – everybody, “deshou” – right, “fascism” – form of radical authoritarian nationali[sic][i c what u did thar]

Koma 2:

Masaka: But it’s fascism. Deshou?

Masaka: Super ruler Satsuki-sama…

Masaka: As for gamesoft, she’d only allow one victory company.

T/L Note: “iya” – no – @kawaiikochans

Koma 3:

Majide: And there’s only Nintendo.

Majide: Therefore– iya.

Majide: Such a thing…

[Masaka has some question marks by her head.]

T/L Note: “Kanojo” – she, “kanashii” – sad

Koma 4:

Majide: Ryuko-chan will never get to play Sega gamesoft!!

Majide: Kanojo will– Kanojo will never know!!

Masaka: It’s kanashii. It’s certainly so.

From Kawaiikochan!! Gaming no Corner, 11/15/2013.

I have also inadvertently made the Kawaiikochans harder to read than it already is. Go me. And it does feel as if Ryuuko-chan is a Sega console in a Nintendo world. There’s a certain lyricism to it that is appealing. Like the whole ’80s schoolgirl thing the ED has.

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