So Much Freaking Feels

It’s a slow slog to go through and repeat, this time with words, the feelings that ran through my head every time I hear M@STERPIECE shows up somewhere, maybe an ad or a radio stream. The post-concert sickness didn’t help either, although I suspect that was from the flight home more so at the show. I was operating on fumes at that point.

I’m happy to say I’m about done with day one, and much of the “introduction” part needn’t be repeated for day two. So hopefully that, and the IM@S movie, and the Mouretsu Pirates movie, will come shortly.

Yeah, it’s like just now I realized I forgot to pick up a copy of Mouretsu Pirates movie pamphlet.

What I have done instead of writing the long-butt posts is instead, doing this. I signed up for a Gree account while I was over there, so it’s pretty smooth sailing. The hardest things so far are trying to play the game on the desktop (which is made easy with a user agent spoof plugin) and trying to buy coins (how?). Yeah, I don’t mind paying a few bucks. I guess I ought to be buying those LTP CDs instead; they come with special cards!

Well, despite its dreadfully mundane mobage interface, I think of Million Live the game as a way to know the girls. They’re no longer characters in a video game; they are the characters that make up the Million Stars.

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