Character Designs in Kill La Kill as Translated by Cosplay

Satsuki, Ryuuko, Mako

The anime con season in North America is getting into swing. Kill la Kill seems to be trending among top costumers and the like.

It’s times like this I wish the guys at Trigger would fess up that they made these scandalously dressed heroines partly to get some cosplayers to show some skin. Of course, this being just my own wish and probably does not reflect the truth, but I think if Kojima would fess up this much, it might just be a matter of semantics.

So I think it’s important to track where Trigger dudes are going this summer? So far we have Director Yoshinari plus Kaneko (art director) and Hori (animator?) at Animazement, so maybe these guys will make some comments to this degree. We’ll see. American cons are a great way for fans to mix with creators, so I hope Trigger dudes will get an eye full at North Carolina. And maybe we can ask why … are the two (somewhat titular) characters dressed that way.

Either way, if you are man or woman enough to parade out there in battle mode Senketsu or Junketsu, you have my respect. I’ll save the question for your wisdom later.

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