Kill la Kill

Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

Every anime that ends with high-flying naked girls probably in it buried a message about society and norms and crap. I quote reddit:

Kill la kill, the heartbreaking story of one girls struggle to put on a dress before she goes on a date.

And that’s basically how it goes. Satsuki sure look out for her little sister.

Do we really have to spin this out? I mean it writes itself. What do clothing symbolize? A helluva lot. What does going buck naked mean?

I will never look at Nudist Beach Bros’ final attack the same ever again.

I do want to protest at all the little logical potholes and plot unpleasantness we had to drive through to arrive at Nui and Ragyo. It’s like the good guys didn’t have to finish off any of Ragyo’s cronies because they just get absorbed like some silly sentai trope.

This also explains why I think of Kill la Kill in cosplay terms. It’s the only meta thing to do. Come this summer many women will struggle to put on a dress.

To put a ribbon on it, Kill la Kill was a show that actually does relatively well in every category, for what it is. I’m not sure if it excelled in anything other than frantic cartoon animation and making a name for Aya Suzuki (and I also concur about the nitpicks on Amisuke’s performance…it’s short of stellar, let’s just say), and being what it is–a show that is maybe not quite everything, but sure is a lot of things. So it naturally has a lot of people’s attention, just not quite everyone’s.

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