Anime Next Tidbits; Lunatics; Jibun Reset

Time to do another introspection post. The nutshell is if I don’t have time for anime I probably should make time for it–albeit from games or blogging or something. Taking it from sleep is too unfair to the other things I do (including anime) so it’s only fair if I cut back to catch up. It’s not to say I’ll stop blogging or anything like that, but the long lapses between blog updates may be the case for the foreseeable future, until I recover.

As to when I will recover I don’t know; June is the down month and things swing back into orbit again as July, August, and September each offers at least another weekend excursion to “anime land.” Then there’s the second-hand feels-getting from IM@S 9th tour that will happen between now and then, coming to a close in October as a bunch of the North American P contingent that I know are going.

While on that note, Anime Expo is pretty much lined up now. Otakon should be letting loose its first real volley this week (Sumo wrestlers and HAYAMIN AAAAAAH), and somehow I think Trigger might visit again. This year’s AX is also a great year to skip, and I totally should have done that. I’m thinking as much as I want to know who Otakon is bringing over this year already, I think I enjoy the anticipation more than the probable letdown that is bound to occur. Otakon brings over good guests, don’t get me wrong, but they rarely hit–they typically make a fan out of me afterwards more often than not instead. And then there’s Misao or Hayamin or whatever she is called.

On the con side, I want to just jot down some more thoughts.

I came across a bootleg audio of the KOTOKO concert at Animazement. It’s a solid set; it’s also the same set I’ve heard all the time, minus maybe one song. SHOOT is a super special bonus that too few will really appreciate, both in terms of calls and knowing the song to begin with. Well, as they say, “DD Goroshi.”

P bought his OFA at the dealer's room

Anime Next is really great for Trigger, and it gives me hope on how will AX’s Trigger panels will be. First of all, it’s going to mad pack, so get there early. Sushio and Nakashima are two core people on the show, so AX gets an advantage, but in some ways hearing it from Waka and Koyama is more fun because they are the jesters of that production, so their perspectives are naturally less serious and probably more insightful. My press write-up is live, FWIW. Kate and Al wrote a nice blurb about their two ANext panels, including the whole “hey put the show they worked on in the panel title” bit.

Spin, luna, spin!

The other thing I wanted to talk about is that somehow one of the SME person asked us to do a fan club for Luna, since the 10 of us live lovers were there repping Luna Haruna at ANext. We ended up doing it. There are only a few true Luna fans among us but I think we all are happy to help to organize, at least to a point. As a side note, I am probably a bigger fan of Love Live than Luna, if that makes any sense. Nothing against the newbie idol; I really like her aniota background and she is someone who probably has more in common with most of us than far majority of anison artists or seiyuu on stage. Likewise I hope she strikes it big. It does say that Luna doesn’t get a lot of traction over here, though.

If you are interested in this Luna thing, leave a note and I can shoot you some details.


Last thing: Trying to make some space. I hosted a grill-out at my place the other weekend and realized I still have too many figures. I really should get rid of some.

Take a look at this list and let me know if you are interested at any of this, and shoot me an offer on MFC.

3 Responses to “Anime Next Tidbits; Lunatics; Jibun Reset”

  • astrange

    Do you think Luna Haruna has staying potential? I’ve seen her MVs and they’re good, but mostly it seems like the credit should go to her producers. She herself feels like she needs to find some more emotion to put in them. But you could have said the same about Yukarin a decade ago…

    On the other hand, she has great hair.

    By the way, her first song with Yuki Kajiura is a perfect Kajiura song.

  • NovaJinx

    Really signing the part about having to actually make time for anime and blogging, especially now that film photography elbowed its way into my hobby list. Feels like I just don’t have enough time for anything, and as such especially gaming has pretty much been pushed into the sidelines completely. Don’t know what’s up on Steam summer sales, and couldn’t care less.

    Life’s so much different now as an upstanding citizen with a 7-to-4 schedule. Sometimes I miss my student years.

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