Las Vegas & Lantis Festival 2015

So this year is Lantis 15th Anniversary and in response they’re doing a series of festivals. These outdoor stages look like a page out of a typical Japanese music festival, gaudy metal frames hoist a platform above a grassy plane where fans stand or sit or jump under the sun (or rain as it has been a couple times). These 2-day festivals in Japan had pretty solid turnouts, and feature a long list of artists that kept the crowd going all day long. It’s not at the point where you have multiple stages (although I don’t see why not), but I think the idea can take a step that way shall they choose in the future.

What’s a little out of the box is that Lantis is also taking it overseas with stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, Singapore and Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a big deal because that location is so very different than the other ones. SG, TW, HK and Seoul are pretty solid places that has had big anison lives before. The USA in general, not so much, and definitely not Vegas. The best we’ve done here is a big con that drew a crowd, and that isn’t really going to work as a festival kind of way (other than the fact that cons are a type of festivals). I mean, to spell it out, the LV Lantis Fest will be two days and overlaps with Otakon Vegas (which I presumably is helping them out with the event in some way). Using a similar event as a measuring stick, if “Lantis Fest Protype” in the form of Otakon Music Fest was 3 guests (Jam Pro, Aso Natsuko and Faylan) does the West Coast discount really makes it a better show? How can you stretch it to two days? What kind of a line up can they offer?  It doesn’t matter a whole lot who comes over, as much as how many. You can take a look at the four Lantis Fests in 2014 and get a feeling what lineup they can bring. It’s almost a list of who’s-who of anison in the last 10 years.

Not that it matters, I’m committed to going already. Time to promote some concert I don’t have a stake in except being an anison eventer in the USA. See you there?

Meanwhile I’ll keep the worrying details to myself, LOL.

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