Glow Sticks Are No Big Deal, Except When It Is


It’s much ado about nothing in my opinion, but when the four USA Miku Expo concerts–two nights in LA and two more in NYC–banned electric glow sticks, wotas traveling in and from local have to make do with chemical ones. At the same time, it sort of sets some of them off.

I think it’s not a big deal in that ultimately it’s a concert, and doing calls with glowing hand attachments is thoroughly secondary to the main objective. On the flip side, I recognize that for wotagei culture the “cylume” or what we have generecided the American firm specialized in tactical, emergency and industrial luminescent chemical applications, is actually a major symbol of the thing. It’s kind of like what cosplay is for nerd cons. So imagine if an anime con, for example, banned cosplays of a certain type or the use of a popular cosplay material. People will be up in arms.

The funny thing about the whole affair is that the event will be handing out green sticks to all attendees. I think there might be a specific look to the crowd that they are gunning for. In Japan, that’s no problem because that hive mentality hammers people in and people are considerate about which color lights they are raising up in the air. In the Land of the Free, people do concerts however they wish. As I put it, it’s the freedom of worship. Not to mention it is very difficult to find places that sell these lights. At best you can pick up some 8-hour glowsticks for camping or whatever typical celebrations Americans do; the party-oriented electric gear is still largely unique to Japan and sold only there.

Did you know Aniplex+ USA is going to sell a SAO King Blade or some such? Check it out. I don’t know why the Miku Expo organizers just allow official electric lights, such as the official Miku lights they sell in Japan’s events.

Anyway, it still means you can party at Miku Expo with lights, since the ban applies only to electric ones. And even the somewhat-discerning wota will nitpick the quality of these glowsticks, so if you can ship a box or two from Japan or wherever you are from, it might be really nice.

Or you can participate in the “buy a set for you and a set to give away” thing Zalas is setting up. Also, check out his call guides.

[What would be more nice if someone rolled an English-language port of Twipla.]

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling some of the official Cylume-branded stuff. The 8 or 12-hour greens will suffice, but typically what you want are the high-intensity or ultra-high intensity stuff. One place I’ve shopped from is House of Rave, but their shipping costs are high. Amazon is another place–some 3rd party sellers even have first-generation King Blade X10s on sale. But the options are there if you look around. Or you can ask your friends partying up at IM@S 9th to grab a box or two of Ultra Pink or Ultra Green to bring back…

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