Lantis Festival Las Vegas

Just organizing my thoughts here, since I am going! When JAM Project came to SoCal last time I almost splurged for it until common sense got a grip of me. I guess this time there are a host of other musicians to make the push, plus the offkai aspect with some Ps and other eventers that I know. It’s probably my one west coast trip in 2015 as well, since I’m not planning for AX or Sakuracon. That reminds me, at some point I ought to do a 2015 event plan post.

Where: Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. It’s off the strip and about a 5 minute taxi ride from Planet Hollywood. PH is also hosting Otakon Vegas at the same weekend.

When: Friday and Saturday. There are some collaboration events with OV, starting with the OV opening ceremony on Friday morning. Attendees of OV who have Lantis Festival tickets can enter for a VIP event on Sunday late morning with Q&A, autograph, and photo OP with Yui from Das Feenreich and JAM Project. Yousei Teikoku’s frontwoman does all their PR stuff I guess.

The slightly irritating thing is Lantis Festival is doing their oversea stops using Facebook as the main info source. You can check out the page hereI believe all the VIP tickets are sold out, normal tickets are about 60 a pop after online fees. OV charges a weekend price of 55 online and 60 at door, and there’s daily badge at 40. Otakon general members can get the weekend badge at 39 if you buy it online. Along with this is also a special deal with the buffet pass at $37. VIP ticket at Lantis gives you a loot bag with a t-shirt, a towel, and something else? There’s a hi-five session too and early entry.

The key vitals is the guest list and I’m sure you already know, but I just want to highlight that Hatsune Miku will do a special appearance. That will be an interesting set list. The JAM members will perform as individuals across both days, Makkun/Fukuyama/Kageyama on Friday and Dani/Endo on Saturday. All the other performances are the same both days. Choucho, Faylan, Sayaka Sasaki, Yoko Ishida, Bamboo/Milktub, Yousei Teitoku and JAM Project will be the main set.

The OV collab VIP party requires you to bring your concert ticket(s) to Otakon Vegas’s info booth to sign up. They will lottery out pairs of tickets (25) after the cut off on Saturday 2pm local time, and contact the winners. I think you have to respond and confirm or they will start drawing out alternates. So make a friend!

What I’ll be doing at OV is mostly nothing. I think there is one panel that’s vaguely interesting and one panel I might attend because I know some people working there? Then there’s the Sushio live drawing as well as his autograph sessions, but I might only go on Sunday. I suppose the dealer room will always be something to check out, and we can see who from CR is there so we can harass them about, I don’t know, WUG movie #2. Or gdgd Fairies movie.

The rest of the time, there hopefully will be some nice eats. We weren’t baller enough to re-enact the photoshoot for Monday Night Fever but instead we’ll just wear our happis around Vegas or something. Oh, there’ll be some live viewing too, and if internet works out, Joysound on Playstation. So it’ll be a good time.

Monday Night Fever

This also means, if everything works out, I can live watch CG episode 2 with a bunch of Ps! That alone might be half the reason why I’ll be there.

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