Eventing 2015

[THIS IS again not A STICKY POST: Last update 2015/12/31]

Just want to put out there the “events” I want to attend in 2015 so far. Everything subject to change. Post will be updated…

Lantis Festival Las Vegas @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel 1/16-1/17 -> Complete.

Otakon Vegas @ Planet Hollywood 1/16-1/18 -> (Meet & Greet with Lantis Fest guests) Complete.

Distant Worlds @ NJPAC 1/29 -> Complete.

Choucho Live 2015: Whitepetals @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange 2/28 -> Complete.

THE IDOLM@STER STATION!!!~Zenzen Aitakatta~ @ CLUB CITTA 3/1 -> Complete.

I've missed you, too

Wake Up, Girls! Soro de Event, yara sete kudasai!: Okamoto Miyu @ Harajuku Astro Hall 3/7 -> Complete

P’sLIVE 02: Love & Ps @ Yokohama Arena 3/8 -> Complete


Masami Okui Birthday Live 2015 Neo @ O-East 3/13 -> Complete.

TRYangle harmony public recording @ Tokyo Dome City Hall 3/14 (First session) -> Complete.

I’ve Sounds 15th Anniversary @ Tokyo Dome City Hall 3/15 -> Complete.

Flowers from the fripside

Anime North 2015 @ Toronto Congress Center 5/20-5/22 -> (Shimoda Asami, Nabatame Hitomi) Complete!

AnimeNext 2015 @ Garden State Exhibit Center 6/12-6/14 -> (Elisa) Complete!


THE IDOLM@STER 10th Anniversary: M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD 2015 @ Seibu Dome 7/18 – 7/19 -> Complete!

Wake Up, Girls! Second Live Tour @ Osaka 7/20 (day and night) -> Complete!

Otakon 2015 @ Baltimore Convention Center 7/24-7/26 (Park Romi, BACK-ON, Draft King, Oreskaband) -> Complete!

Anime Weekend Atlanta @Cobb Galleria Centre 9/24-9/27 -> (Aoi Eir, fhana, Kato*Fuku, Yuyoyuppe, Hige Driver) -> Complete!

IA, New York Super Week @Gramercy Theater 10/11 -> Complete!

Ladybaby, New York Super Week @S.O.B’s 10/11 -> Probably will skip


Still pained by missing fhana’s first one-man live, and AWA did make things better.

My PTO days for 2015 are more or less all spoken for, including a destination wedding of a friend out in Hawaii. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt to go to Hawaii from US East Coast. Kind of like going to Vancouver…except you can go to Seattle and drive/bus for few hours as an alternative.

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