Anime North 2015

Ami & Mami Futami

Today is actually Day 1 of Anime North, the largest anime con in Toronto. This year it reaches the mandatory daily cap faster than last year. I think the weekend passes sold out in about a few weeks. There are also panels on Thursday this year. I didn’t check if that was the case last ¬†year, but that might be true.

I’m going to be there throwing up some events. Mostly just going to hang out with all the other largely-single-tracked minds at the con, balancing if we can squeeze in a Nabatame autograph or panel here or there. She should be quite the fascinating character. But I’m there for Asapon.

Doing a “proper” offkai in a land far from home is otherwise going to consume all my time. Let’s see how it goes. I mean, this is the offkai at the offkai. Cosplayers might go do a formal ball thing, Producers just hang out and cry to footage of IM@S 9th Anniversary. Both pay for a ticket to go.

If you are also dropping by the con, ping me as per usual.

This is my “first” con of the year, and it would set a record for the latest start for me since a long time ago, except I actually went to Otakon Vegas, as little as I did there. I mean I literally went there for a badge on Thursday, to buy some goods on Friday (at 1 booth), and attended an autograph and meet & greet session on ¬†Sunday. Well, all is according to plan.

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