Faking It Until Making It: The Cinderella Girls Guide

Here are just some ideas for you to think about. Or get a laugh at. Or whatever. I personally think this is deep. 2deep4you deep.


  • Miku: Fake cat
  • Nana: Fake alien, fake 17yo
  • Kanako: Fake fat
  • Chieri: Fake audience
  • Riina: Fake Rock
  • Anzu: Fake NEET
  • Kirari: Fake happiness
  • Minami: Fake maturity
  • Ranko: Fake darkness
  • Anya: Fake Russian
  • Federica: Fake French
  • Miria: Fake little sister character
  • Rika: Fake gyaru pretender
  • Mika: Fake gyaru
  • Kaede: Fake maple
  • Natsuki: Fake lesbian
  • Sae: Fake geisha
  • Miho: Fake Yukiho
  • Mayu: Fake strings
  • Koume: Fake shyness
  • Sachiko: Fake annoying
  • Nao: Fake tsun
  • Karen: Fake sick
  • Syoko: Fake metal
  • Mio: Fake idol, fake leader
  • Rin: Fake loyalty
  • Uzuki: Fake smile

Any others? Any alternatives for the above?

In light of the tearful episode 24 this past Friday, I think as much as a fantasy, Cinderella Girls still chips at Real Idols with one of the “what is an idol” jabs that define IDOLM@STER narratives. Faking it until you make it is still a step above “good artists borrow, great artists steal” saying I think. Anyway, without her ganbarimasu-confidence, what defines Uzuki? The smile is just a point of focus, a charming head-trick for this adolescent dreamer. Also, the earlier episodes and this week’s episode also paint a lovely picture about faith, in the negative space.

Faith and dreaming naturally remind me of this short pile of Live The@ter Dreamers CD next to me. And this is still the eve of our first event in Cinderella Stage. There are otomemories to be used and why am I posting a list of jokes God help us all…

PS. I am still watching anime. I wrapped up a few. Oh there’s that Kekkai Sensen finale too huh…

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