The Other Twins

Ami and Mami are the two idols who are twins in IDOLM@STER. That is, the one pair we think about when we think about twins in IM@S. But there are a few other ones.

Since Cinderella Girls 2nd live Blu-ray is now a thing, we can talk about Sattun and her fellow indie-idol-cum-seiyuu twin, Matsuda Risae. Matsuda Satsumi plays Syoko, who wore a cool studded jacket (sized to her tiny build, and perhaps idol-like) and screamed in whatever passes as Syoko’s image song, during the live. Before that moment, the Matsuda twins came a long way back during their teen years as underground idols. They’ve also competed in the now-defunct Anison Grand Prix in multiple years, and didn’t get beyond the regional. Sattsun is with Arts Vision. The older of the two, Rissan, can be found in the current edition of A&G Next Breaks Five Star radio, and she’s part of I’m Enterprise.

I think someone is in the middle of writing them up, but here are a couple videos of them.

A Belated Halloween?

If you asked me about twins and IM@S, one of the first, if not the first thing, that comes to my mind is Yukiho. Azumin’s Yukiho, to me, is a separate existence from Yurishii’s Yukiho. I think I treat them as one character, but not emotionally. They’re like twin sisters in that they’re basically the same but different. I was spending a lot of time thinking about this after reading Yurishii’s tweets on it, probably prompted, too, by Matsuki’s passing.

You can read ANN’s take on it (originals archived by Yaraon), but there’s more to that story than what was translated. For one, Yurishii was going through a rough patch during those years, bouncing between agencies and dealing with the death threats. I’m not really familiar with it beyond a cursory research, because back in ’08 I wasn’t super into Yurishii and kept up on what happened to the beleaguered idol seiyuu.

What I do know is Yurishii has turned a corner in recent years, and she’s actively doing live events again. She’s talked more about IM@S and it’s definitely a very relevant way to market herself. For what it’s worth, YukihoPs largely still liked Yurishii’s Yukiho, and it is an unforgettable part of the franchise’s history, not mention the character’s.

[Update: Prnd’s post is now live]

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