Million Live 3rd Tour Believe My Dream Sendai

Part two of this really special tour shaping up!

I was thinking about how Million Live was special, and then I got to think about why I think this way. In some sense having a bunch of pretty voice actresses dance and sing, like seiyuu do traditionally in Japan for otaku works, in the form of almost like an idol trope, despite being just another media-mix IP sort of a thing, is really unusual.

What’s also usual is the customers and the good work from imas-db. See set list here. As per my Nagoya post I’ll just walk through the highlights and performers.

Not much to add on outfits this time, since I’ve written a lot on it in the Nagoya post. Mocho, Popotan and Yuiton are probably the most notable. Yuucha looks more elegant than the Prologue Rouge set and Yunkon’s new hair is gorgeous too. Very pretty bangs maybe. Popotan looks a little ridiculous with that poofy skirt, because she’s already real small. I mean, I guess it’s the usual stage outfit but a miniskirt doesn’t look so mini on her.

Rieshon looks as idolchang as usual.

And yeah, in case you don’t know Harashima Akari, aka. Popotan/Akachan, is what we call “Kohime-class” idol at 139cm. Iku, the 11-year-old idol she plays, is taller. A big part of the MC at Sendai was how the various girls adore this little woman, like Mocho and Mikku for example.

Mikku and Nansu are the leaders for this show and the honor students performed as you’d expect. Mikku’s steely idol face looked great in person, and Nansu did her usual routine of the best sister. The venue, Xebio Arena, is pretty big at almost 4k capacity but still quite cosy. The view from the back 2nd level is almost as good as mine from Nagoya Congress Centre 3rd level. This time, my seat was on the left side, 10 columns back from the stage and 4 rows up on the 2nd floor. The first 5 columns on both sides 2nd level are the kankensha seats, and I got a good look of the far side one. More importantly I was close enough to make out the performers’ facial expressions.


The stage setup in Sendai was the same as Nagoya, with multiple levels and steps. Performers appeared from the sides, the middle and from the top. There are some songs with performers walking across the stage over the song, such as Yuucha’s


Buppan, flowers and the wall were located in a separate room behind the entrance area. I didn’t drop names except on a flower stand.

By the second show we see this theme emerging: the idols who are only going to have one show will get more spotlight in that show. Popotan definitely got a lot of nice appearances. Probably the most notable gig for her was Ippai Ippai with megane Rieshon. Maybe this is reason enough to see Suzie in Osaka… But anyways, with just 10 performers in 3 hours, there were once again no breaks or encore call. The MC structure is the same. Topically, because now there’s a Mocho, the MCs are going to be kind of … weird?

Mocho really wanted that gyuton stew, but didn’t get any… And teased by Rieshon.

Mocho is like onee-san, Nansu is like imouto, and Yuiton is like…cousin? Everybody’s cousin.

There was a lot of gyuton talk.

And talks of hugging Akachan.

Anyway. Songs-wise is tops in Sendai for me. G♡F, SeichouChu→LOVER!!, and Yoru ni Kagayaku Seiza no You ni are all songs I was looking forward to before the live. Bonuses are Valentine and Chou↑Genki Show☆IDOLch@ng! Legendary Girls… Vivid Imagination… So many great songs…

Popotan had a move during Hello Concerto where she slowly hops down stairs in the most adorable manner. Such “naka no hito”? Anyways, while as adorable as she is, Harashima looks and does it like a seiyuu, which is not really the same as you’d expect from the more traditional idol stuff.

Machico did a jump from one level to the next. All the nice movies for Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen…  During Piece of Cake she did this side view thing into the stands right where I was. Such killer look. She’s great in this setting. I’m glad it wasn’t 10ch because I don’t have the heart to tease the other 10ch fans.

Amamiya Sora is her usual dark lord self, but probably packing it in some so it doesn’t turn into a TrySail event… Her Liar Rouge is somewhat better than when I last saw.

Nansu actually feels more or less the same since I last saw, but the imouto of the team is as adorable as she always is, to look at it differently. I think doing the song not on carts let her fill out the furi for Vivid better. It makes me want to think about how does Nansu x Mikku relationship is.

Mikku is even more “the same” and she really basks in that stagelight. After seeing her trumping it in Seibu Dome this stage almost feels inadequate. Really an excellent idol in both seiyuu sense and the normal sense.

Like Tenchan, Yuiton and Rieshon feel more like gunslingers brought in to shoot us up. I was looking forward to Seiza a lot and it was a riot to hear it. Happy Lucky Jet Machine this time was super good in that mid-size venue, and Idolch@ng…Idolch@ng…

Yunkon is probably the performer I enjoyed watching the most between 2nd and 3rd, probably because she triggers my old school seiota instincts. She really prettied-up for Sendai too, the whole package now. And Girlfriend… I don’t know. I didn’t expect Akachan to partner but that was so good. SO GOOD. It’s great to hear that song live.

And lastly, Mocho….Mocho… Let’s just wait for Takapiyo to draw it out… Her duet with Yuiton for Valentine was Soooooo Goooood! The two of them are most suited for this song.

And I cannot imagine how Fukuoka will turn out…

After the show we did uchiage at a Sukiya, both for speed and convenience. Just talking about the live, we noticed how some songs have really two known sets of calls. Welcome is the most notable one with the DD track, but there might be a few others like it as well. Well, Sendai is pretty strong as far as Producers go. A local P organizer spotted a few of us before the live and even introduced to us in English. Pretty neat.

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