Anime Boston 2016: Day 3

For various reasons I actually was able to watch all the namas that I wanted to see that took place in Anime Japan 2016 Sunday. Well, not counting one of the nama that overlapped with another and I didn’t have enough bandwidth to stream both.

This means I was up basically from Saturday AM until with about an hour of sleep broken into a couple chunks when I was able to settle down. I’m looking at this from the bright side/silver lining of not sleeping much.

Gonna ramble nau.

Kiznaiver cosplay....

I was able to attend the Kiznaiver sneak preview and it was quite well-attended, at least in Boston. The promise of free breakfast for the first 100 might be a good reason why people showed up, but there were like, 500 people there. Or at least about that many before me that was at the panel. There were still coffee left over so that’s really the main thing I needed.

Kiznaiver is good. I felt the writing was sharp and direction, visual language, or whatever that gets communicated to the viewer through designs of shapes, directorial decisions and colors, matches what some of the peak Kill la Kill bad guy scenes well. Of course, Kiznaiver is probably a very different kind of mystery behind the admittedly unusual opener. According to the cast commentary during the talk segment of the premiere things will remain this way until episode 3 where some stuff gets explained.

The character writing is very Trigger, so I think if you love their works so far you will be in good company. If we want to talk hot takes then it felt like someone added a dose of the kind of surrealism you see in Utena or Penguindrum, but instead of goofy fairy tails there’s a much meatier, 21st century narrative going on. Unfortunately that is not the best thing in my opinion. I do think the youthful analytical ani-internets will figure it out pretty quick and it’s just a matter of if the hooks can carry. It definitely will do better than shows like BBK/BRNK lol.

Speaking of shows that are not as good, a bunch of people in my room were karaoking until the Kiznaiver premiere so LOL. If I knew better I would have gotten my own accommodations LOL.

As for my main objectives, nano.RIPE was great and Sasaki Jun is a riot. For the unaware, nano.RIPE is a 4-piece jrock/jpop band that is attached to Lantis, and they bring that folksy rock sound to anime thanks to their nerd connections. The group originally started when Kimiko and Jun met and decided to make music as high schoolers. They ran indie for a few years until their fateful launch with Lantis and Hanasaku Iroha. Like other Lantis acts, at least one of these members are otaku…and Jun is a splendid example.

ALI Project on the other hand is the full glory of veteran entertainer and model gothic visual artist that she is. The drag queens are a crowd pleaser at anime cons. I guess none of these are secrets but it sure was weird trying to figure out what they were doing and what we should be doing during the show…

I was able to swing by Maruyama’s panel for 10 minutes, which beats my average. I wish I could stay for longer and ask about that new Mappa anime that seems really interesting… Or watch Luluco when Wakabayashi was there… Well, you can’t do everything.

I did catch the Ishigoro/Aikei live drawing Friday and that was alright. It’s always fun to see animators draw, but I wish they would show it more often and not cut the video feed to their presentation.

Not much more I can say in my severely sleep deprived state! Look forward to Kiznaiver, and maybe I can catch Anne Happy later today…did you know I’m writing this post while watching this? LOL. 12 hours of nama watching, karaoke, and all kinds of stuff…makes me feel old.

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