Spring 2015 First Opinions

Imocho #2

I had a pretty busy month between mid-March and mid-April. Two cons and a Japan trip will do that to you I guess. Most of that time suck went with the Winter season, but I think I’ve finally caught up with Spring enough to have some time to write about the currently airing shows.

It wasn’t exactly that I didn’t watch any anime in the winter, but more like I didn’t feel I watched enough. Maybe I’ll end up going back to some and at least finish the ones on the back burner, like Dimension W. And one of these days I will catch up to Concrete? I don’t know and I probably shouldn’t promise. Anyways, on with it:

Macross Delta: Feels like a better version of Frontier. If it pays off like F, we will have something really cool by episode 24-25.

Kuromukuro: I originally watched it for some brand names, as in PA Works, Okamura Tensai, and Mocho. Now I just enjoy this sort of thing–a serious SF giant robot anime.

I have no opinion on Re:Zero and I haven’t watched any, but I’m getting to it!

Joker Game: This is fun, but it’s already showing bunch of cracks. I guess in the end it will live or die based on how it can handle suspension of the audience’s beliefs. Otherwise, the setting is worth keeping an eye on, but I’m not sure that equal to using this as entertainment.

Haifuri: I enjoy it, it’s fun, even besides Mocho chef. Blogging it at Jtor. It’s so far a pleasant surprise, as in it’s a harmless fun time that doesn’t go the way you expect?

Kabaneri: I didn’t get very far, but I want to go far enough to see why people stick with this? Are we just dying for stories like this…?

Bakuon: Best guilty pleasure this season. But comparing it with K-ON seems just missing the point so I don’t know why people do it… At least it’s two entirely different experience.

Kiznaiver: Totally anitwitter anime, too bad it lacks that hook… I’m in for the full ride though.

Sakamoto-san: It’s fun but it wears off real fast.

Tanaka-kun: This is like, the best character acting I’ve heard Kokochan ever. Thanks for the seiyuu factor on a fairly healing romance.

Cereberus: I watched 3 eps and gave up, but it wasn’t terrible. Just don’t care anymore.

Flying Witch: Peak hipster kuukikei. My jam but I’m not in love with it. Still, it’s really fun and enjoyable and all that.

Anne Happy: This is my seasonal penance. I survive this show largely thanks to Oumura Shin’s direction and how it reminds me of Korean Zombie Desk Car.

Kumamiko: I’m okay with jokes on hicks if it’s like bullying cute little girls? No, but I am okay with the meta concept for this show, and the comedy often still works well. Latest episode is probably the closest thing that comes to something I actively dislike this season so I also enjoy it in this sort of…M kind of way.

Sanba Sansa: I can’t, but I think Anne-Happy lobotomized me.

Mayoiga: Watching one episode…want to watch more but have a hard time bringing myself to it.

Netoge: I guess this is my kind of anime, but so far it’s more miss than hit. Maybe I’ll stick it out, I don’t know.

As usual there are a bunch of fun shorts. I’m not taken to Luluco so much but I am watching that one…

Habit-wise, I signed up for FUNi despite their chromecast option still buggy when I tried a couple months ago. I don’t know if they fixed the bug with an update since, but I am just sucking it up and watching it using a Roku. It’s just three shows I’m doing it for, Netoge, Kumamiko and Dimension W, which I’ve yet to finish… Maybe I should watch more Concrete…

4 Responses to “Spring 2015 First Opinions”

  • DiGiKerot

    You should watch more Concrete. The second half has really been knocking it out of the park.

  • DiGiKerot

    Probably not, I’m afraid. It’s pretty dense and makes constant callbacks. A lot of what is making the second half tick is recontextualising scenes you only see partially or in flash-forward early on. Heck, even this weeks episode had things which tie back events seen back in the shows second episode.

    If the shows first half isn’t working for you at all, then as much as I enjoy the show personally, I’d just give up on it.

    • omo

      From what I can tell, this is solidly Concrete’s problem. It’s really hard to get engaged early on and it’s pretty hard to get a grasp of, so no matter how cool it gets later it wouldn’t have much traction for the simulcast crowd.

      Hopefully when it’s all done I can find the time to go through both cours.

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