This weekend, if things go according to plan, I will be giving a panel at Anime Next.

This was great

The convention scheduled my panel, called “M@STER OF IDOL IP WORLD,” on Saturday evening, 7pm. It’s located in Panel 318, which is the “small” panel room on the third floor of the ACC. It also runs at the same time as Trigger Autographs, which is one of the main reasons why I am going to this con… RIP me.

The basic idea of the panel is to briefly describe the meta around modern otaku franchises in order to put some context behind the photos of the event I am showing. It’s kind of a travelogue. Thanks to the timing I will also be able to show some screenshots or clips from the IM@S 10th Blu-ray, besides the photos from going to 10th (and MOIW 2014).

Here are some of my Anime Next items of interests:

  • Kouno. A brief sakuga write-up here. And I guess I could post some of her artwork from Anim@s.
  • ZAQ. To me she’s not so much the brilliant anison rapper as much as a singer-songwriter who penned some IM@S stuff? LOL. She should be great to watch in the live and it’s nice to appreciate what she’s done.
  • Eating: Never ate at White House Subs, so want to try that at least.
  • Hanging out with people I know?
  • Running the panel and survive.
  • Seeing how Director Daichi has fared over the years, and seeing seiyuu Matsui Naoko, a solid behind-the-scenes type who voiced a regular role on Nadesico.
  • Maybe stop by Black Lagoon Guy’s panel or something. I guess he’s done a lot of misc stuff since.
  • Oh, ZAQ concert, autograph and photo session!

Have to say, the move to a bigger venue is a necessary thing for Anime Next, as it has long since outgrown the central NJ setup they have had. But Atlantic City is not an easy place to get to, it’s expensive, and it’s kind of a dump. I suppose that isn’t a problem if you are traveling from near NYC but for me it’s a huge change from a very local con to, well, far. It takes me 3 hours to drive to Baltimore. Going to AC is almost half way there time-wise. However since I never really have any excuses to visit the Jersey shore, as un-RJ as I am, this is now one.

The only consolation is that at least there are plenty of food options, and I can drive around… Anyway, I’m probably skipping Friday of the con since PTO will be scarce this year, but maybe I’ll see some of you Saturday or Sunday.

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