Anime Expo 2016: Info

[Last update: 6/30 2pm Eastern, gonna head out soon so no more!]

AX is upon us again. After taking a break last year I’m back…for better or worse. Thanks to ACJ’s Anison Matsuri this year will be one layer more crazy than the usual barrage of AX guests that are now blowing up the event.  I mean, most US cons would be lucky to land 3-4 of these guests and I think AX has like 50+?? It won’t be just me feeling that Japan would have gotten better bang per buck if them, their industry reps, and others, were able to go to the other cons in the US and spread that love around, only because even with another record-shattering attendance figure, we’re well into the category where there’s too much things going on at the same time. Is it worth running your A+ game against every else’s A+ game? I don’t know. Well, maybe I do have some ideas, and you can ask me about it in person.

And as usual this is too much info for the poor con organizers, so it’s time to step up and dump some links. I’ll try to write this up for Jtor focusing on just the worthwhile ones. Will also try to update as info rolls in. If you have any things you want to let us know please leave a comment.

But first:

Mika & Rika

Here are a list of key notes and links. As usual all of this is subject to change without notice! If something is happening that’s important to you, confirm with the industry sponsors or the con (depends on what it is) directly. I’ll put a ? in front of items that’s TBD yet.

I’m skipping the cosplay stuff, but do check those out in Guidebook. Sure is Liver out there. I’m also skipping on most of the guests that are “normal” in terms of their programming, if it’s taken cared of by the con. Just gonna focus mostly on the ones you have to pay extra to do something special, and mostly JP guests because things sure are guests this AX?!

  • Daisuki’s Anison World Matsuri and related events can be found here. Key thing to note is the special merch you can buy. Not much you can do here because all the VIP stuff sold out more or less… If you see some Japanese fans at the JSL, say hello.
    • Some wota specific notes…
      • Aoi Eir: Blue (some red color songs, Memoria is white)
      • Sphere: Blue, specific colors for each person (Orange for Haruka, Pink for Ayahi, Purple for Minako, Green for Aki), specific colors for some songs (Yellow for NLS, Red for Moon Signal, etc, Hazy is green)
      • TMR: Blue I guess
      • Haruna Luna: Blue, with song specific colors
      • Flow: Blue?
      • Ishida Yoko: Blue
      • Minami: Uhhh…odds are you want to UO all her songs in this event, but it varies.
      • Jam Project: Red or Orange
      • DJ Kazu: He’s going to just drop a set so enjoy!
    • Love Live Sunshine watashikai! Buy $25 at Bushiroad part of the Daisuki booth on Saturday and get to meet them!
    • Other Daisuki-booth things.
  • Bookwalker. Not too hot about Monster Musume manga but it’s something. Also separate industry autograph sessions for him and Nami Sano.
  • NIS America brings ZUN and some Touhou game devs. ZUN is a high nerd celebrity so good luck with his stuff. Also, guests attending cosplay gatherings is a thing huh. Also note the red moon thing…
  • Sentai Filmworks. Most notably are signed Monmusu bags, autograph sessions with Nami Sato (Sakamoto) and Horikawa (Shirobako), raffled shikishis and such.
  • FUNimation has two sponsored parties, some “autographed goods” with purchase which they don’t say what, and some booth autograph sessions. Any My Hero Academia fans? Free swag for FUNi subscribers.
  • Crunchyroll doesn’t have one place that has everything written, or is still announcing things. Mainly these two though. Now there’s some loot, and some live stage in the west hall.
  • Pony Canyon has Chikappe and MICHI. Both will have booth autographs for purchase and PonyCan has the usual con giveaways for purchase as well. I think I’ve had enough from Hawaii on those, but Chikappe is worth a look-see for sure. Michi will play at the opening ceremony and have a mini live at the Community Stage on Saturday afternoon.
  • Lia will play at the opening ceremony and the masquerade. Don’t know what else will happen, such as her showing up at the VA dinner… There’s also now a IA screening I guess: she’s going to do a Q&A there.
  • Key/Visual Arts… Deets here and here. Buy your way to have dinner with these celebrities LOL.
  • “Your name” premiere with Shinkai on Sunday. Just saying. There’s an industry autograph session right after.
  • SME has this interactive live viewing, and Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir will also attend. It’s during early afternoon Friday so it might be worth checking out.
  • Teddyloid is dropping a set at the 21 Lounge, which overlaps with the end of JSL. I’m guessing his set will be much later so you can do both if you can get in… You can probably catch him around the con, like at the Fashion Show too.
  • PA Works has a display in the Entertainment hall. Worth a look-see. TakaOtacraft…? Bonbori festival? I’m assuming their EN twitter will keep us up to date.
  • ? Aniplex. Definitely not as on point this year, but still will have good programs with that SAO thing. Wonder what chances are for Tomatoes to pop out…  Or the chance of a sequel at the Blue Exorcist panel. Aniplex will be showcasing some of their key illustration artwork at their booth. And you can vote. No word on booth autograph sessions as far as I know.
  • Viz has that Blue Exorcist thing too, since they’re the ones bringing the author. Also Yoshitaka Amano. They’re selling a charity One Punch Man poster. No mentions of special sessions besides the con ones.
  • Fan artist Yuran is coming to AX with his circle-mate. Artist Alley E30 (deep in Kentia Hall, near the AA office). This excites me more than it should.
  • Daisuki is throwing a CG gathering at their booth on Sunday 1:30pm. Come rep IM@S since we’ll be doing calls for 30 minutes. I’m guessing they will put together a gathering list at some point.
  • SQEX brings Star Ocean – mainly for Akiman for me – and has their own track. I think you might have to buy something to get an autograph for him, but I don’t know.
  • Bluefin Exclusives.
  • Good Smile Company: As of this writing they’ve only announced an exclusive CCS 15th art print as con exclusive. On twitter they’ve announced that they’re selling a bunch of Trigger stuff, douga, T-shirts, etc. Then there’s that Adventure Time Miku thing…which I want to get.
  • Just want to point out that Katabuchi’s In This Corner of the World is also getting a panel at AX. It’s noteworthy only because so much stuff is going on at AX, this is kind of a find.
  • Jungle is sponsoring Kakihara at AX. Buy stuff from them to get an autograph ticket, besides the free at-con one. Apparently they were selling those tickets TODAY (6/29) already. What the hell guys.
  • Fakku is bringing Saitom and NaPaTa. Nice deals too. NSFW links. They are the sponsors of the Sunday’s 21+ party.
  • Not to be outdone, Hamo comes for Project-H. Commission deets at the booth I guess.
  • Sekai Project will be doing whale-sized commissions, see their list. Also all their autographs are at their booth, no purchase necessary. One of their guests fell through but you can still request a commission apparently. [Updated]
  • A-1 Pictures has a panel as usual and maybe I’ll go wave my glowsticks for those 20 seconds in their trailers.
  • Mangagamers will announce stuff. They have 3 guests, two have autographs you can buy tickets for.
  • Denpagumi is performing on Saturday night. Such conflict and sadness.
  • Bored Friday? You can always go to this and it’ll be luls with Michael Sinterklaas trying to wrangle those guests.
  • Dmyo is drawing for Danny Choo at AX. Taking commissions at the Culture Japan booth…
  • In case you’re hungry

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