Otakuthon 2016

Somehow I am YOLO-ing Montreal’s premiere anime convention, Otakuthon. I’ll be going as someone who wants to see Tanaka Atsuko first, the city and its offering as well as hanging out with friends all the while.


The con also features some neat guests, such as Obata of the Shonen JUMP mangaka fame and Back-On. Tanemura Arina, mangaka for Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and others, will also be there. To round it out there are a couple A-1 Pictures producers and some guy from Bannam.

So going to just swing by and check it out, and then go home. I think I’m going only because I now know these Canadians from the area due to P activities, so it’ll be a good way to meet up with some of them. Visiting the city will also be a first time for me, so I guess we’ll see how it turns out. It feels weird being more excited about poutine and bagels with smoked meats than the con but alas.

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