The Best Idolm@ster Panel Material

There have been a splatter of fan panels in North American anime cons on the IDOLM@STER franchise. Of the few that I have attended over the past few years none of them were as good as NHK’s take. Granted it’s a bit cringe-y but it’s not like some of these panels aren’t either…

You can watch it here for the next few hours or see it ripped on youtube.

KutapP's underling huh

Here’s why I think it’s the best take so far:

  • It’s meant for a general audience. Different panelists may disagree and I would agree why their takes meant for a con audience is sometimes superior, but a general critique I have is that most of those takes are still too “general.” Why not this one?
  • It’s really concise and to the point. This earned massive prop from my end.
  • For the most part it is also very accurate. It’s not 100.00% spot on but more so than pretty much any other panel (except maybe Chuck’s).
  • It even talks about the seiyuu stuff.
  • Of course it’s also unfair that it has interviews with key creative people behind the scenes.

But just for the lead-in portion of the video where they go over the history and some of the well-known aspects of the franchise it’s such a precise and to-the-point thing that I wish all panels covered this much material, this closely, in this little time.

I had a similar problem, if you recall, doing the IM@S 10th panel. Because the 10th documentary in the Blu-ray was pretty much the same thing…

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