Protesting of a Drowning Fish

Two songbirds

So the preliminary 2015 numbers for the Anime Industry (of Japan) in English is posted on this ANN report. The full report can be had for 6000y. Hopefully AJA will post its usual English summary soon.

Major gains from streaming and events? YOU DON’T SAY. I mean if you were keeping up with the news at home this past 2 years you would know at least about Amazon and Netflix’s foray into anime streaming, not to mention the stuff out of Asia that most of us probably don’t know as well.

I also just want to note, that on my trip to Taiwan earlier this year I actually ran into some streaming service’s promo for WUG. Looks like Crunchyroll is not the only guys playing the streaming game with WUG promo. In this case the streaming company also sponsored a sweepstake to go to Japan and attend the Taiwan WUG tour. Hey Crunchy guys can you folks hook us up?

On that note, events…just look at my eventing sticky posts for a clue. It’s carved into my mind and body like … what’s the word? Jetlag? A deep tiredness that only comes with combining all-nighters, summer weather in Tokyo, 28 hours in the air and over 12 hours of live events in a weekend? How about 5 Asia trips in 7 months? You get the idea. To me this kind of reporting is well beyond affirmation, or preaching to the choir, but more like “I’m drowning pls send help.”

Can’t wait to see what big fat number 2016 will put up on the Events category LOL.

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