Illumination Festa

I dump thoughts on this blog, usually in a hard-to-understand way. This is not that hard to understand, I hope.

Question: How many hours of continuous illumination can all my IDOLM@STER penlights provide?

Background: THE IDOLM@STER has a line of merch for their events in which button-cell (LR44) penlights are available for purchase. Each character gets her own penlight (fixed color). There are also penlights for groups (SideM, Shiny, Cute/Cool/Passion, Princess/Fairy/Angel). Here’s a link for example. In short: there are a lot of them.

Assumptions: Assuming 3 hours per light, and all my lights are running for 3 hours. It’s probably a fair assumption given most of my lights are hardly used, and the 3-cell ones probably run closer to 4 hours. Newer IDOLM@STER character lights are 2-cell but most of mine are the older, 3-cell types. I’m also generally assuming I can use one for light, and use another once that one runs out, so the total hours here is just the total number of lights times 3.

It would be obtuse (but rigorous) for me to dig out all my lights and count them. Instead I will do it from memory. No big deal if I miss a few I guess.

Series 1 CG Cu/Co/Pa: 3
Series 2 CG Cu/Co/Pa: 3
ML Pri/Fa/An: 3
765Pro series 2: 14
765Pro series 3: 14
765Pro 10th: 14
CG 10th: 13
ML 10th: 13
ML 1st day 2 box: 5
ML 2nd (all 3 boxes): 21 
CG 4th SSA – one for every idol (not sets, minus 10th ones): 34
ML 3rd – One for each one that I didn’t have before (estimate): 19
Miscellaneous CGs: 7
Duplicates: 6 Matsuri ML 4th, 6 Matsuri Hotchpotch, 1 Makoto Hotchpotch, 1 Makoto Hatsuboshi Enbu

Total: 177
Times 3 hours for each light: 531 hours, or 22 days and 3 hours.

Assuming I only need light 8 hours a day, it’ll keep me lit during a power outage situation for 66 days and 3 hours. Not long enough for some Puerto Ricans. But definitely enough for 12 days of Christmas.

This light merch is all a racket and I’ve already had my fill years ago. Now I only buy lights to replace old ones as they start to have problems, or because I broke them at the live. I guess I still do for new idols that I don’t have lights for. I guess this is also why it won’t end anytime soon, if ever.

In a few months, Million 6th tour will begin. I will have to rely on penlights that I got like 4 years ago (if I get to go). Hope they still work, LOL.

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