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[Last update 10/25]

This was last year.

See my Eventernote here.

This is a sticky post on my blog to outline my travel plans to attend various otaku events. Some of these them are cons and anime events. Some are anisong artist live concerts. Some are cons with anisong artist concerts. Whatever. If you are going to one of these, feel free to say hello.

Guide: Bold for Oversea trips, italics for local/driving trips.

(1/23) Sony Lost in Music presents Haruna Luna @ Lost in Music NYC Popup – Complete. Free event and it was fun. Sony marketing showed up to impress.

(2/16-17) Wake Up, Girls! FINAL TOUR: Home – Part III Kadode Aichi @ Ichinomiya Hall – Complete.

(2/22-23) Wake Up, Girls! FINAL TOUR: Home – Part III Kadode Sendai @ Sendai Sunplaza – Complete.

(3/8) Wake Up, Girls! Final Live: Omoide no Parade @ Saitama Super Arena – Complete!

(3/9) ZAQ no Hi vol. 3 @ Shimokitazawa Garden – Complete

(3/10) THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors 1stLive Fly to the Shiny Sky @ Maihama Amphitheater – Only going to the 3rd session, and I pulled some BS lucky seats. Complete!!

(4/19-21) International Fan Festival Toronto 2019 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Complete! Drove there.

(5/17-19) Anime Central 2019 @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center – All done! This was a tonnnnn of fun, but also really conflict hell. When I had to dodge out of the concert half way to get autograph tickets, it’s bad.

(5/24-27) Anime North 2019 @ Toronto Congress Centre – Anime North Sat-Sun road trip weekender! Complete!

(6/7-9) AnimeNext 2019 @ Atlantic City Convention Center – Complete!

(6/29-30) IDOLM@STER Million Live 6th Tour @ Marine Messe Fukuoka – Both days! Complete!

(7/3-7) Anime Expo 2019 @ Los Angeles Convention Center – It’s over! Phew.

(7/26-28) Otakon 2019 @ Walter E. Washington Convention Center – All done! It was fun and relatively laid back!

(8/16-18) Otakuthon 2019 @ Palais des congrès de Montréal – Also done! It was very lols hanging out with the French Canadians and the usual cast of characters. TMR is great as always and Faky is pretty good too…

(9/21-22) IDOLM@STER Million Live 6th Tour SPECIAL @ Saitama super Arena – All set.

(10/11-13) Machi Asobi vol 24 – Muri. Maybe next time?

(10/19-20) Bandai Namco Festival @ Tokyo Dome – LOL What the hell. I have ticketed this event, and more or less set.

(10/31-11/3) AWA @ Cobb Galleria Centre – A extremely hard maybe. 90% not going at this point.

(11/15-17) AnimeNYC 2019 @ Javits Center – Ticketed and excited. No Kugyuu autograph though :(

(11/29-12/1) C3 AFA Singapore @ Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre – A first for me, but somehow this is now all set, pending hotel space I suppose. I did not expect to visit Singapore twice in one year, LOL.

(12/7-8) Chara Expo USA 2019 @ Anaheim Convention Center – Probably not going. Will only go if Takagi Miyu is announced, which is also unlikely. As much as I like Aimi I’m not about to wtsk with her to talk Miyu with her lol.


With WUG eating up my holidays I have no time left for the second half of the year. Maybe I should have tried to save as many days as possible. Between ML SSA, Bannam Fes, AFASG and Anime NYC I have 4 PTO days. I guess if I can put 1 day into each that would work, yeah? LOL.

Only have the one PTO day left for Singapore, so I guess we’ll see how ANYC shakes out.

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