Seiyuu Guest Requests for North American Cons, 2019

Here is a quick and dirty (as they all are) translation on Anime Anime. I mean, click on the link there and read said translation. I will put a spin on the data below.

If I was an anime con looking to bring JP seiyuu over for hype reasons, any of these are a good choice. These fan surveys have biases, but they are largely spot on. In North America, up until 5-ish years ago, we used to use forums to capture attendee interests. Not exclusively, of course, but nowadays we dropped that for data on SNS. Or rather, often times we only solicit data via surveys and posts (forums or SNS or whatever). Why do that when even sites like ANN still do annual surveys? These are the kind of data that is generally helpful to show who is in and who is not-so in each year. I also used to publish my lists of requests and asks, which is based on my prior run-ins and other analytics/reviews, also just from their public persona (who is better suited for a panel here and who isn’t), but that’s all just me.

If JP survey data interest you, poke around at the link up there for other surveys, like the one for dude seiyuus and music artists. Next, I have another chart to show.

The tweet describes the chart, which is just a very bare bones rank based on CD sales each year, excluding character-based groups (like WUG and LL). It’s quick and dirty but shows its points clearly.

Meanwhile I’m making another point. If you want to invite a seiyuu to a con, this is also a really good list. In fact, you can probably turn it around and make a chart of cons worth going to with how many artists in this list made it to the cons! Or if you are slightly more galaxy-minded, which cons are in bed with the industry more…

You can ignore the color coding, but I put an orange highlight for cons with only 1 hit, and I am being a bit generous as is already. Tried to limit to just US/Canada events. I did this in a hurry so there are probably some mistakes!

I shouldn’t have to say anything for you to know, but majority of popular seiyuu artists do not get to come to North America. It just isn’t something that they do for whatever the reason. However, some definitely do go to events like AX or AFASG, so I think if we look back in 10 years, more of those slots should be filled.

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