Omonomono Newsletter, Mar. 16 Update

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-03-16

This Past Week

Masami Okui had another birthday (I never count these anymore I guess) but it coincides with the release of her latest album. You can find it at the usual places.

In other news about things from my younger days, the last and latest Evangelion movie finally got its day in the sun in Japan. Needless to say it shattered some records, but given it released on a Monday, it’s unorthodox to say the least. It’s weird that out of everything from it, I’m more excited about the vinyl covers for the Hikki theme.

If you want to celebrate rebels as statutes, maybe try this one.

March 11 is a special day in Japan and 2021 marks the 10th year of the Tohoku disaster. Have some coffee holders.

Starlit Season has been pushed back from May to October. Funny thing is literally just before the news came out I went and created a new Steam account to allow for purchasing Japanese games, and preordered it. Such is life.

Vtubers for AirAsia. I flew them once on the way into Indonesia, they are pretty okay for a LCC.

Two Moms!

On the Mind

I didn’t list it in the last news letter, but Suzufes and Nano.ripe (plus Healer Girls) on Nissin were two shows I wanted to watch and forgot about. Guess the archives are still there until later this week.

I stayed up to watch Reina Ueda’s first live. She debuted as an artist back in 2016 and while she has performed a couple times in some special events, this is her first full blown concert. It was short and, uh, thematic I guess, but also very comfortable and enjoyable in ways that you might not experience seiyuu events elsewhere. The archive is until this Saturday (Sunday JST) so I definitely recommend it, assuming navigating eplus is not an issue for you.

I also neglected to mention last update, but the reading drama with a bunch of 81Produce seiyuu was all week last week and I caught one session on Sunday. It’s by the same author as the wifi-hacking one I watched last winter in Japan. This one is about identity fraud.

Kung Fu Tea is an older, American-based Asian drink chain taking after the Taiwanese craze since the 00s. Voila.


We announced Kurocon volume 3 in July!

Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayers film in US theaters soon?

As for this weekend, it’s even more packed than last week.

Mai Fuchigami has a live Friday!

This coming weekend is IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors 2nd LIVE. It is both a physical event (or two events, both days) and it will be streamed online live. What’s more, the teaser for next week’s announcement stream seem to hint at a new unit. All details here.

Garnidelia also have two shows this weekend!

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is having a two-day festival this weekend also, and you can even use the EN version of eplus and pia to watch it. Good thing these things have timeshift, eh. Livers might want to also catch the Songs of Tokyo special on Sunday.

Yuri Komagata has a concert on the 20th! Should be a blast!

Machico, our favorite hotdog lady, is doing a show on the 20th as well. Hype!

May’n 15th Montly Concert series continues in March with “Rock” on also the 20th.

Anisong daddy Hironobu Kageyama is doing a solo thing on Nissin Power Plant on the 20th.

On Sunday, you can be a beater online in this SAO event with some anisong singers.

Mikuni Shimokawa has a birthday show on Sunday the 21st.

Last one for this post is Asca acoustic live on Sunday.

Personal Note

It’s horses all day and Priconne JP and EN in the gaps. Not a lot other than trying to find time to catch up on snooze, some piled up work, and thinking I should clean my place and very, very slowly getting to it.

During the quarantine months I cooked a lot more–to be sure, I normally cook my own food. But thanks to not going anywhere I ended up cooking the things I was craving for due to inability of travel. Turns out most of the time I just want to eat tebasaki in japan. I suppose a lot of the things I can half-ass get here. Kit ramens go a long way if you get the right ones. I can get sushi grade fish and cut them on my own. Other noodles dishes aren’t too hard to make either. Karaage isn’t hard, just a bit annoying to deal with the oil. I even made hitsumabushi this week but lacking a lot of the picked vegetables didn’t help. Still came out good I think. A bit of green onion goes a really long way. Or a dab of wasabi.

Long Reads

I have a couple long reads in the back burner but probably off-topic for this article. Instead, check out Chihhi doing an acoustic studio cover of her hit song from 22 years ago. Goddamn 22 years ago is a long time ago but worse, it doesn’t feel that way to me. (On the bright side, 25 years does.)

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