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Omonomono Newsletter, October 8 Update

Extra! Extra! Runa Narumi Special Edition…or not. A packed letter again, with first impressions and more!

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-10-08

As the temps drop I realize my new PC puts out a lot of heat. Also due to various reasons it is situated in a way where the exhaust is pointing to the center of the room, so all that hot air just gets all over the place.

The new anime season is upon us, and there are a couple smashing candidates already one week in. And now that I don’t have to follow baseball as closely as the playoffs are in the swing (and my horse lost already) it is time to take it even slower. Well, as slow as year-end is going to sneak up on us. It’s only thirty four more days until the Eleventh of November.

But first, Mocho. High-res Mocho.

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