Omonomono Newsletter, October 8 Update

Extra! Extra! Runa Narumi Special Edition…or not. A packed letter again, with first impressions and more!

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-10-08

As the temps drop I realize my new PC puts out a lot of heat. Also due to various reasons it is situated in a way where the exhaust is pointing to the center of the room, so all that hot air just gets all over the place.

The new anime season is upon us, and there are a couple smashing candidates already one week in. And now that I don’t have to follow baseball as closely as the playoffs are in the swing (and my horse lost already) it is time to take it even slower. Well, as slow as year-end is going to sneak up on us. It’s only thirty four more days until the Eleventh of November.

But first, Mocho. High-res Mocho.

These Past Weeks

COVID is still in the background but the Vaccination rate in Japan is doing well. It has already exceeded the US in that, so it’s just a matter of tampering it down and allowing some kind of vaccine passport–which it really hasn’t for non-Japanese.

Three more leaves 22/7.

I actually want a pair of these AKG x Peaky P-key.

Sanrio x CCS is another pretty great collab.

Four HoriPro International seiyuu have a collab cafe…?

Miyu Takagi is doing this crowdfunding thing (as a member of the cast) so check it out.

More LOGH next year yay.

WIT Studio troubles.

The creator of GOLGO 13 has passed away, which means the longest single book publication would have to end with this author.

More Yamato…

You can buy ufotable Online Shop things oversea now?

Silent Siren loses member.

Touken Ranbu Warriors to come to the west.

Free!-the Final Stroke- trailer. Also first 10 minutes streamed.

Some kind of Starlit Season comic?

Oh the new SideM dropped.

Bkub opens Cat-themed YT channel

Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code ugh not another cash crop platform f2p gachaware

Maaya Sakamoto takes a health hiatus.

Pui Pui Molcar Switch Game gets SEA-EN release. I must have it. Comes out in December.

World’s End Harem gets delayed by a cour. It’s suppose to come out this week…

VShojo ties Nippon TV.

Niji gets more anime and 4th live.

OK, seiyuu gossip section begins. Special edition, sort of.

As Q4 rolls in, Ayumi Takeo retires and Mizuki Nana switches agency. Kyoka Moriya (Dialogue+) is freelance now but maybe temporary.

Hiro Shimono is married…for 10 years already. Congrats!

So, in the land of seiyuu gossip, three things happened in the past few days for IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors seiyuu. One, Saren Tajima was outed as living with another male seiyuu of her class year. It’s not clear what their relationship is, or if the person outing it can be trusted. Second, Azusa Shizuki was also outed by someone else with her old personal SNS which included photos of her and her boyfriend. Also her boyfriend seems to be among her fans today?

The third thing that happened has to do with Runa Narumi, who is also in Shiny Colors but also a member of the idol group SoundOrion, operated by Stardust Promotion, which is also her agency. In a nutshell, she has an existing boyfriend who broke up with her a few years ago. After that, both she and her ex-boyfriend found new partners, but despite that they got back together in an affair (or rather, maybe they never fully broke up). The ex’s current girlfriend found out about it–complete with photos and dirty chat logs. The reveal was pretty messed up, since in essence the “victim,” the ex’s GF, in a way was blackmailing Narumi to make some kind of apology lest she leak her identity. It also doesn’t help that Narumi’s current boyfriend is a famous Youtuber, adding more fuel to this affair. Thirdly, the whistleblowing (lacking a better word) happened on another popular Youtuber’s live stream, as she came on to the stream and explained the details, and posted the logs and photos on twitter. Lastly, the content is quite lurid and the internet catches on these details, like various dirty sex jokes exchanged between Narumi and her ex, as well as the overall timeline and relationships in the situation read like a NTR doujinshi. I am not really in any position to TL any of the logs, but you can see this matome site for the full content of the whistleblowing, and these two tweets to summarize.

In the context of Japanese celebrity gossip, most are pretty normal two-timing, at the worst. The recent drama with Oldcodex member Tatsuhisa Suzuki and LiSA is a good example. But this is a bit more complicated, and all the details are TMI/just over the top. At the same time it’s not as seriously bad as, say, what happened to ELISA and her old manager. The way it was exposed for Narumi is a big reason why it seems to make a bigger splash than the content of the story. Of course, it is also an ongoing thing that will result in some backlash for the folks involved, so the impacted fans will have to stomach that.

On the Mind

The ludicrous gossip aside, October brings in a new slate of possibly-exciting events. This weekend is the Million Live Bright Diamond online show. Later this month is the Zombie Land Saga concert with HanaKana. NYCC is going on as I write (this late…newsletter?). The world keeps going and some parts of it are definitely being thawed. Also maybe more vacations personally on the horizon.

New season… The vampire cosmonaut anime had all the markings of a SHAFT head tilt, and that combination colors all the intrigues this season. Still churning through some more shows, maybe I can bullet them.

  • Muv-luv Alternative: solid opener but you know what to expect here
  • Assassin isekai: Fun to watch, I hope it goes somewhere good?
  • Takt: Looks nice but doesn’t quite compare to our headliner.
  • Fruit of Evolution: This season’s dumb/silly isekai powertrip? At least it seems fun.
  • Doukichan/Tawawa: [Insert Amimami sexy noise here]
  • Cinderella Nine S2: I like it but more of the same, including the production quality. Going to save this for the offseason maybe.
  • Isekai Shoukudou S2: Making me miss WUG aside, it doesn’t have the same draw as last season for this reason.
  • Banished from the Hero’s Party: A bit awkward and too…unenlightened angsty teen for me, but one episode doesn’t say enough so I’ll keep it going a bit
  • MUTEKING: Actually quite fun, but also a bit too overloaded personally. Saturday Morning Kids Cereal kind of vibe.
  • Pride of Orange: PuraOre is lmao, but I’ll stick with it because it looks good.
  • AMAIM: Really generic so far so maybe not past 3, but at least I finished the first episode.
  • Tesla Note: Even more generic, cultural bending garbage.
  • Mushoku Tensei continues wooo
  • Selection Project: I remember watching the thing from Anime Japan earlier in the year but it is pretty good! Not totally aping from the seiyuu idol thing by giving it a sharehouse reality TV twist.

More to come. Still following the ones that’s going on to the next cour like Aquatrope and it’s refreshing to stick with Dai no Daibouken anime seeing it run nonstop like this.


Right off the bat this weekend:

Yurucamp Music fes.

Mamoru Miyano doing concerts this weekend.

Mikku 5th.

TM Network LOL.

Niji Unit Live & Fan Meeting v2

HegoMachiKoroIbuki talk event (related to aforementioned collab cafe)

Natsumi Hioka on Zaiko

Personal interest in Nishigori talk on VOY@GER, free on YT.

Strike Witches! World Witches Music Festa

IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE SEASON-@IR. Free part on YT (and in-game, nico, and Asobistage) and paid part on Asobistage.

Next week:

Starlit Season release talk/stage – free part on YT and paid on Asobi Stage

Zombie Land Saga!

CYaRon unit event.

Amiami F seiyuu fes

Ace Combat Symphonic rescheduled.

Dynazenon stage event.

The week after:

Kageyama Solo event.

May’n Birthday show.

Garnidelia Halloween event.

Tales symphonic.

Animax Musix Nextage…but can’t watch that easily.

NIji Unit Live & Fan Meeting v3.

IDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS Happy Buffet. Fes-style live streaming event, gonna be weird/hype.

Ayaka Ohashi birthday show.

Personal Note

Work is still punishing but it has gave up a bit since the last letter. I am still hanging in there. Some retail therapy. Some road trip therapy last weekend, and I had fun doing a trip there. I guess that’s the upside of working this much.

Not sure when I’ll get to write the next letter, but maybe before the end of the month for sure. I dumped a bunch of events on the list just in case I whiff completely before my vacation.

Long Reads

Good deets on the new Nintendo Switch OLED version.

Speaking of Shiny Colors

Wotagei with Pomu

Fukuoka has this anime even that always put out some EN content, and same has happened this year. This is an interview with RIka Nagae, Minami Tsuda, and Karin Takahashi. Whoever does this event digs IM@S I guess.

Tokyo Avengers?

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