Omonomono Newsletter, July 13 Update

Oops forgot to post last month. Also, been writing this one for a week now? LOL. I’ll try to keep this short (as short as almost 9 weeks of updates can be?). If you were at AX or will be any other con upcoming, good luck and have fun. Stay safe!

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-07-13

I think the span between my last news letter to this one, this vtuber took off? LOL. That’s a long time in Internet terms. Also did you know there was a Princess Tutu event and I missed it? ORZ.

Lately I’ve been spending more of it with my family. Work is always a big time sink all day long too.

These Past Months

A lot of “anime news” is just marketing–a lot of anime is marketing after all. So it’s always good to see companies like Kadokawa level up their game. Here’s some local analysis.

Spy x Family cover.

No more Kohaku

Love Live Liella member increase hubbub.

Kenji Kamiyama’s new film.

Deets on the next Shinkai big flick.

2nd Free film boxes.

Laid Back Camp numbers.

Meme manga? becomes anime.

Naoko Yamada’s new film next year.

More things I want to go to: D4DJ lounge.

What an odd anime to get a rerun: Key the Metal Idol.

MAL Radobe contest.

Pride of Orange event…?

LA Chargers anime lol

More Konosuba? Almost as predictable as season 4 of the new LOGH anime.

Kugyuu is on twitter. This is (big) news. Almost seems like she runs it!

More Made in Abyss, also games.

Rent a Tenchan.

Old Macross gets blurays.

More pantystockings.

Vash the 3D stampede

Netflix Ultraman

We’re past this film being relevant already, damn these cycles are fast. Uma x Top Gun Maverick was a thing. And while it’s over, it sure was fun while it lasted.

Touken Ranbu Stage gets anime lol

EN Enstar takes over a Time Square billboard to celebrate launch.

New isekai manga with 2ch founder.

Dub Union Hubbub.

RIP Kousuke Takeuchi.

RIP Billy Kametz.

RIP Yuki Katsuragi.

RIP Kumiko Takizawa.

Mangaka resumes manga after recovering from cancer.

Choya Chiba on hiatus for throat procedure.

Three of the five Liella’s were in a car accident and are taking time to recover from minor injuries. Cancelled events.

Yurina Uchiyama from Dialogue+ goes on extended hiatus due to health. Ouch.

AX also announces guest literally during the con, officially.

AX had a thing with its vaccine policy. Also, nice guests. Aoi Koga! And more coverage from ANN.

In normal con news, Otakon kpop heavy this time. Also maybe a seiyuu guest.

Covid continues to go round and round. Since last update, Yumiri Hanamura, Subaru Kimura, Maaya Uchida, Haruka Terui, Shiori Mikami, Romi Paku, stage shows. Among others.

Seiyuu moves on with kids. Ayahi. Mimorin. Yuki Kaji x Ayacchi.

Asumin a proper mom now!

Nao Tamura too!

Kiyonon’s first full album.

Miho Okasaki’s first album.

RIP Aniuta for reals now.

Anna Miller to close final JP store in August.

Pilgrimage Sites for 2023…if we can be let in.

Classic Anime Streaming from Studio Pierrot.

Tatami Time Machine news.

Live Action Tiger & Bunny.

Mobile game collabs with Attack on Titan?

Netflix Cyberpunk 2077 anime?

Jeddah Season 2022 Anime Village, which is a series of anime event in Saudi Arabia this year, brought over some big anisong guests this year. Like Jam Project and Flow.

New Makkun song to go with \New Di Gi Charat/

Kojima news 1: mystery game leaked?

Kojima news 2: mistaken for Abe’s assassin by French politician. And this.

Along those lines, manzai comedy anime TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! punts episode 2 because it has an assassination of president joke.

Oshi no Ko anime announced.

Have some Enako news.

Rie Tanaka had a photo book and I forgot to order

Yo new Reina Ueda mini album pls.

Weird housekeeping news but Satohono, one of the two personalities behind the IDOLM@STER community channel (imas_ch) is on hiatus for health reasons. Kasshi is taking on all the load but that felt a bit like the way it was already.

More weird insider baseball, Cygame’s GBF got a voice track sampled into The Chainsmokers’s song.

Nakano Sunplaza again slated to be demolished.

Bandai Namco’s new affiliate is appropriately named because they make Ace Combat, but will they open an office in Kyiv when the war’s over? Because lmao.

I went to see SG5, they’re something.

The Peggies to go on hiatus.

More Yurucamp merch that I want

Stalking note for 22/7 members.

The gossip behind ex-22/7 member

Grats Gura on 4M.

Bkub becomes vtuber, just got married and living his best 35.

Mogra/Anisong Index is doing a DJ audition/competition. Winner gets to play at the club for a paid gig. You can check out contestants and their entries here.

Of all the anime films I missed that had screening in the States, this is the one I wanted to watch the most.

I bought this photobook, worth a look if you are into ML seiyuu. They also look cute at this autograph session!

Ever watch the NFL draft, the world cup lottery ceremony, and other things like that? This is it for CG Elections this year and it is hilarious (in a meta way).

Akiba Moe Dentists.

Personal Note

Not sure where to put this, but I bought the VOY@GER blu-ray thing and it’s pretty neat.

After going to 3 cons in late May/early June I got busy with family stuff, which is the main barrier to writing more consistently. That and mobile games. I really should quit something. Maybe Priconne? Maybe BA? I rolled Ako and it feels like the game has hit a certain plateau and it’s not that exciting anymore. I got my first 1-team Ex raid kill and what is left to do? Roll RNG in PVP? This game is great in a lot of ways but it just comes up short against Priconne in some others.

That said, I did write about at least 2 out of the 3 cons I went to. A-Kon is a bit hard to write because it is new and I didn’t do a whole lot while I was over there. With BA.5 raging you kinda want to avoid crowds, yeah?

The anime season is in pivot. Last season I think I had the most fun with Healer Girl, Birdy Birdy(lol), and Kong Ming. There were a few other really interesting shows too. Virgin Road (or whatever they call it) is a great isekai light novel trope head-turn and is the first anime that reminded me of Noir in a long, long time. I’m still in the process of catching up on that one mind-wiped mage and the demon girl and the lizard dude. I kinda want to finish Deaimon. I’m still behind on Komi because of Netflix. Want to check out Summer Time Render…

New series like Spriggan and Bastard are on the radar but they look decidedly different than their original. The new A1 anime original Lycoris Recoil so far hits the spot in a way that I didn’t think I need to be hit. I tried a bunch of others and nothing really sticks out. Engage Kiss feels like a 00s anime, maybe. Trying to watch as much as I can, again.

I’ll leave this here which sums up how I feel about this content–this general summer torrent of seiyuu and anime and anisong stuff. The other day I was looking up Tensei Kenja on youtube because they really pounded social media leading up to the anime debut. Two seiyuu from their slime-seiyuu-unit were playing a game where they say something about USA in rhythm. One of them mentioned doctors are expensive here. That’s it. Or if you prefer, here’s someone selling Jim Bean highballs with a thing of squid in her mouth.

Upcoming Events

This coming week:

Bilibili Macro Link SP – in Japan but streamed, and in person too? Confusing.

May’n, 7/13.

Joe Hisaishi’s concert tour is getting streamed. 7/14. Speaking of which I have tickets to his show in August in NYC?

Bushiroad 15th is news, just not any time soon. November!

Virtual Music Awards. 7/16 onwards for 3 days

Mori Calliope first concert 7/21.

Maisen Music Fes (again!) 7/30, 31.

Sora Amamiya solo live stream. 7/30.

Kana Hanazawa solo live stream, 7/30

Vtuber version of Zombie Land Saga, English subs even. 7/30.

Maybe this is enough for now?

Makkun fanclub event for 30th anniversary. 8/21.

Long Reads

THERE ARE A LOT OF THESE this time. Also not sure where else to put them?

Ruriko Aoki and Minami Takahashi are two of the more interesting female seiyuu minds in their mid-career strides. Their new show is kind of up my alley but it’s a bit hard to follow. Oh yeah Miina has a new album to celebrate her 10th anniversary?

Nano and Brandon always have a lot of interesting to say, especially for folks new to all of this.

Amagami game fan translated

Asca interview at AB.

Denonbu 2nd anniversary stream

Choir anisong remakes

Chinese vtuber got abducted?

Danmachi Memoria 5th

Phonon event reporting. Aguri Onishi and Kaori Ishihara.

More reporting, this time for Yatogame Kansatsu Nikki S4

Not really about anime, but about the creator economy.

Goripon should be proud about Darling in the Franxx.

The story behind the Frontier films’ localization for its June screening?

Starting a fire, Pyon camps. For yurucamp and also what they did on ML 7th BD bonus stuff.

Anime fans in Zambia.

Anime Songs Party still at it.

Tech mergers, bummer.

MLTD 5th stuff came and went. Watch the 5th PV.

Shiny 4th stuff.

Nobody wrote up the troubles of Maho Matsunaga, but here’s a glimpse.

A fair writeup on anime and money in production.

Salome on Theater Days, or see: Chizuru.

This Classroom of the Elite rant is good form but the content is silly.

Pyon Birthday stream is a lot of fun call-ins and special guests.

Who needs an anime when you can have cosplayers act out the skit?

Interesting note on Ya Boy Kong Ming’s music and popularity.

A belated Happy Birthday, Mocho! And hello Komomo!

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