Omonomono Newsletter, November 6 Update

Two months!

Two months!

Two months and 13 days~

Since the last newsletter, I’ve put up some normal posts. I came back from going to Japan (before they opened up!), one big con, and spent quality time with family. How have you been?

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-11-06

See you at IDOLM@STER Orchestra? I’m going to Japan again, after this blank of 2.5 months or so. Although I will only be there for about 3-4 days, it would be great to meet up with anyone who I’ve not seen for some time.

Deja vu is not a thing but I have a bunch of events planned from now until next May. It’s nuts and the con season won’t start until April/May next year. As some would say, anime con guests are going to be in “revenge” mode in 2023. Gonna be holding to my rear and grimacing all next year.

Two months is enough to jump cross over one whole Shiny Colors seiyuu drama lol.

These Past Months

Moe Toyota CD crowdfunding

Ayaka Suwa Livertine Age collab…yeah. Believe it or not this is my first LTA order?

D4DJ stream announces new unit. May’n? Aisakakun? Actually gay?

Aforementioned “tadano_debu33” debacle aside with Anna Yamaki, Takahiro Sakurai also seemed to be involved in an affair by hiding his marital status for 10+ years. Not a huge problem normally except one party is “insider” and ended up quitting her job, which impacted a bunch of other seiyuu content.

Tomori Kusunori retried from her role in Love Live because of genetic disease causing her unable to do the dancing involved for the performances. Some examples here.

On that note, Yuko Goto had to deal with some bad stuff too.

Sena Hoshiki to go on hiatus to treat her leukemia. Get well soon!!

You’re already missed, Kim Jung Gi.

RIP Kusada.

Minami Takahashi goes on hiatus for vocal health issue.

Marinka Kohno on hiatus from adjustment disorder.

Reina Kondo’s hearing issues continue.

Ami Maeshima continues to have health issues.

Kanon Shizaki goes freelance. Here’s some details related to that and her removal from the D4DJ role.

Covid shoutouts: Aoi Koga, Hikaru Midorikawa, Yoko Hikasa, Shio Kisui, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kikuko Inoue, Konomi Suzuki, Nobunaga Shimazaki

Risa Tsumugi marries. Grats!

Shogo Yano marries. Congrats!

Shunsuke Takeuchi marries. Shuuuuuuunsuke congrats!

Ayachi gives birth, congrats Taketatsu and Yuuki Kaji!

Ayahime gives birth, congrats!

Damn, Nier Automata 1.1a anime?

Mahoutsukai no Yoru trailer.

Yurucamp TV season 3 announced.

New Shinkai film about to drop.

Ado with US label now.

Japan lifts limit on tourist visitors.

New” CR streaming films.

RIP Healer Girls.

Gridman Universe film next year.

Variety: seiyuu outruns a horse.

Emi Nitta first mini-album?

What’s Anime Taizen? Is there an API?

Yuyuyu mobile game ends.

Lapis Re:lights mobile game ends.

Last Period mobile game ends.

FF7 the First Solider mobile game ends.

Show by Rock!! Fes A Live mobile game to end.

Kirara Fantasia mobile game to end.

IDOLM@STER Side M web game to end.

SINoALICE game to end in Taiwan/HK/Macau, but with special ending content.

Verge talks about dead mobile games.

OTOH, there’s SIF2.

Mole Car Tamagotchi omg

JP Government helps small Japanese biz issue takedowns.

You can get arrested for operating a link site to pirated materials in Japan.

Seiyuu(?) Chika Anzai to star in indie film.

Hayamin’s doodle gets shown on Spy x Family eyecatch. And another.

One Piece Red at USC Trojan’s game.

U149 anime is now coming next year.

Wakanim hacked.

I knew I forgot to watch something.

Random IDOLM@STER news, Kogane Ramen?

Edgerunners content dropped in Cypberpunk 2077.

Komi-san sells hair care products.

Love, Death & Robots win primetime award. Arcane.

Orange, from Toradora, gets Gold cert.

Bofuri these nuts, again.

Eva 3.0+1.0 to screen in US theaters in early Dec.

One Piece Film Red lasted 9+ weeks in first place in Japan. Hits 4.5M on opening day in the US.

4.5M is a lot. For a point of comparison, Goodbye, Don Glees got $86k.

What is UniteUp?

Parody of Death Note from the Simpsons.

Naruto Montblanc smartwatch…

Eisen Flügel to get anime film.

Another mysterious aniplex.exe game.

On that note, ATRI My Dear Moments is getting an anime adaptation.

Fate/strange Fake one-shot for New Years.

Nana sings honor at National Grand Prix

Mecha-Ude gets TV anime? LOL. I backed this.

K-ON school in model form.

LycoReco bangers with high bluray sales.

Ace of Diamond manga conclusion draws celebratory comments from pro baseball players everywhere.

My Dress Up Darling to promote Saitama Dolls. Hina dolls.

Kato * Fuku to reactivate and do one final show.

Gravure corner. Shiichan’s calendar wow.

ASAKA digital gravure PB.

Sumipe Lum. Also some TL for the text part.

Actual Sumire Uesaka photobook soon.

Japan cartoonists for Ukraine.

Lycoris Recoil changes eyecatch because kids eat poison flowers?

Oshibudo live action.

Kadokawa chairman to resign due to bribery allegation.

This is called “Chinchinkurabe” right?

There’s a Da Capo 5?

Made in Abyss perfume.

A Winny film lmao.

Yeah this was a thing, but using chroma key and games to show naughty stuff is not new.

Is this Mahoromatic OP upscaled?

Mori Calliope’s first major album.

Shinepost/TINGS to hold live concert at Nakano Broadway in March 2023. It’s exactly what the anime is about right?

Quints movie in the US on Dec 2.

Imagine waking up to this news, which is one of the more celebrated music composers in the anisong scene today is arrested because he allegedly assaulted a minor? Hidekazu Tanaka is arrested.

Kadokawa acquires Anime News Network.

This is how Chuchu wears a helmet.

Stuff the ballot box at Tokyo Anime Award Fest?

Personal Note

This season of anime has been pretty solid too. I didn’t expect Bocchi to hit, and it didn’t, but it’s still a nice show that reminded me things from the way back. Gundam Utena or G Witch is a blessing. The two trashy harem-y shows are still fun? The marriage show is a bit wild, but Renai Flops is spot on I guess. I should still check out some of the interesting things I heard, like the Bibliophile Princess show. It’s hard to get mad at a season with more Pop Team Epic and Golden Kamuy fundamentally IMO. Stuff like Chainsaw Man is just bonus.

Arknight anime is miles better than GFL anime. DIY is good. Yama no Susume is godly.

I’ve also been trying to catch up on some slightly older stuff. Like trying to finish the last season of Kaguya-sama, and binge Abyss and Summer Time Rendering. I’ll get to it when I get to it I suppose.

Akiba Maid War is the delightful surprise of the season. The anime about the sword or the farmer keeps things down to earth. There’s that alchemist anime. Or more fanservice from Peter Grill? I’m not sure I want to continue. I want to watch more Mob, but I never finished season 2, how do I keep going…

Otherwise, between planning to go to Japan and dealing with work and family, I barely have time for anything. I guess this is why this newsletter is so slow at being written.

Upcoming Events

I think I’m going to deprecate this section because last time I wrote up to 9/25 and I didn’t update until 11/5, LOL. I might just do some simple shoutouts to rep things I want to rep instead. So for this week, people in Japan can experience Mocho. Bunch of people are also running at the Race Course that is Umamusume 4th. I tried watching it on Abema and it’s really neat with the multiple angles going on. The venue is a huge place so it helps. Plus, you can stream it to TV easier.

Later this month is the aforementioned IDOLM@STER Orchestra show which will be streamed. The week after that is the next Cinderella Girls show which probably will also get a stream? Again best of luck to Riamu’s seiyuu for a complete recovery.

That week is also Anime NYC. At least you can probably watch the Fate/Go and Kaugyasama stages on Youtube? Here’s the one from AX. “Mogra” was at Second Sky (we know Porter loves Mogra anyways) but it’s now EC (and Wildpa got his visa now?). There is also a special Slime event.

The week after, US Thanksgiving week, is AFA Singapore.

For the month of December, I will probably take it easy.

Damn I missed Machiasobi.

Nana’s hero/heroine live…

They’re probably not going to stream this, right? I want to see the cast of Machikado Mazoku. And these.

And as mentioned elsewhere, my eyes are on this…and beyond.

What is this by the way?

Long Reads

Again, quite a bunch. But you can start with this short tweet.


New DJ program?

Starved Mocho otaku enjoys this Mocho Talking About Idoly Pride.

More Mocho talking. This time about art.

Akiba Maid War interview between Minyami, Moyo and Jenya.

I’ve been watching videos from this channel for a while now but it only occurred to me to look at their old stuff. But nice youtube summaries for a lot of popular seiyuu here. The focus is a bit more modern and seiota-y than most, which is perfect. By the way, this is my interest? And this?

Cool Kyomaf stream featuring some seiyuu some might care about.

English-translated talk between Minyami, Kyon and Manati.

Now that horses are in deremas, there’s this. And this.

Long-form interview of Rieri from Netflix for Romantic Killer. Thanks Netflix.

Youtube playlist of Hibiku’s solo stuff.

Pyon doing a dub/recording thing for Pyon fans.

Flying Dog on Youtube has been uploading old music videos with EN subs. FictionJunction, Yui Makino, Trident

Pyonkoro dumb game stream.

I can’t have enough Mocho. More Mocho.

JP P muses on the near future of IDOLM@STER shows from MOIW 2023 onward.

Camping ASMR from Kotori Koiwai

Comiket 100 report

Togashi-sensei’s Twitter is a big deal in 2022.

Long form talk about Toranoana’s closing in Akihabara.

Japan declares war on floppy disks.

ASAKA on Anime Songs Party. Actually if you’ve been following that channel(?) it’s got some REALLY interesting stuff. Like Billy Bang Bang-san lmao.

Shihori interview.

Watch the prologue episode of G Witch on youtube. I think this was brilliant. Good for you Gundam people.

Deep interview about Youtube and content creation.

The Pillows interview.

ODD Taxi director Baku Kinoshita talks about the film.

ANN’s TGS coverage.

Note on Strong Zero in the USA

Yoshihiro Watanabe interview

Misaki Kuno talks about her recording during Made in Abyss season 2. Maybe spoilers. But very cool.

Dub actors to promote voice acting with a new Youtube show

The full story to the death of the mangaka of Yu-Gi-Oh, Kazuki Takahashi. More details.

Since the last newsletter, a big thing has taken off a bit and it’s called Stable Diffusion. Basically it can generate some images from scratch via text or other images. Recent breakthroughs were good enough that companies like Novel AI can really crunch out pictures of popular Pixiv top 1000s lol. Linked is a high level but the drama behind it is also pretty amusing, with 4chan leaking their code and what have you. Maybe it’s a blog post for later.

Bandai Namco has some English content for their game studios. One or two of them cover Million Live, which is in-house…for a while now.

More Tencent long-term outlook.

Kinmosa interview with Yumi, Risa, and Ayaka.

And that’s it for this issue! Let me just end with: Happy Birthday Momoko Suou! And I still don’t like Daylight Savings!

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